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SHAMELESS: Denver ‘Ferguson Protesters’ Cheer as Police Officers Get Hit by Car

21st Century Wire says…

This continues to go down hill as a result of national race-baiting and the continued promotion of a collectivist anarchist political agenda in the United States.

It’s a fair analysis to conclude that this latest disgusting display by collectivist protesters in Denver is the crowning achievement of Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and President Barack Obama’s efforts to demonize police officers across America and paint all law enforcement as ‘racist’. By overtly politicizing law enforcement incidents in Ferguson, MO, and Staten Island, NY, they’ve emboldened street mobs to the point where mobs feel confident about being offense and unruly in public spaces.

Yes, it’s happening already, and the results are playing out in real time…

A car accident injured 4 police officers who were assigned to supervise a #HandsUpWalkOut anti-police demonstration in Denver, Colorado.

1-Ferguson-OccupyWashington Times confirmed yesterday, “High school students chanted “hit him again” and cheered after four officers on bikes were hit by a car Wednesday during a protest march against the grand jury’s decision in Ferguson, Missouri, according to the Denver police union.”

Police stated that,“This group of high school students not only broke DPS rules by leaving school without authorization, but broke laws of the City and County of Denver and State of Colorado regarding traffic regulations and the right to assemble with a permit. The DPPA recognizes citizens’ rights to assemble lawfully. This, however, was not a lawful assembly, which ultimately cost four Denver Police Officers a trip to the hospital. One of which is in critical condition,” the statement continued.”



One officer was dragged underneath the vehicle and dragged several dozen yards before he was pinned against a curb. He is currently hospitalized and in critical condition.

The obvious irony of this situation was lost on the intellectually challenged Twitter mobs – which is that Denver officers were out on the street in order to protect the 1st Amendment Rights of protesters.

Even after the incident, unemployed and student protesters continued to wave signs and shout, “Arrest Killer Cops!”.

Watch the Denver local NBC affiliate report here:



Meanwhile, youths and students continue to stage more macabre ‘Die-ins’ in cities across the US.

What started out 48 hrs ago as a Michael Brown/Eric Garner protest has quickly morphed into an Occupy event, as protesters hit world famous Macy’s Department Store in Harold Square last night, wildly chanting, “I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!”. 

Hundreds of anti-police protesters then staged another “Die-In” on the floor of Macy’s.

Shortly after, as crowds migrated outside, chants switched over to Occupy collectivist mantra, “This is what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like!”.

Traders and business owners in New York are said to be furious with city Mayor Bill de Blasio who openly spurred on anti-police protesters earlier this week – in effect, sanctioning any and all disruptive activities in the city – right before NYC’s most lucrative trading period in the run-up to Christmas.

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