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‘National Day of Hookie’ for Ferguson Student Mobs and NFL Laureates

1-Patrick-henningsen-BW1Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

Yesterday, thousands of students across America walked out of classes, and jobs in protest of last week’s Grand Jury verdict in Ferguson, Missouri.

Groups describe this as a ‘National Walk Out Day’ in protest of the non-indictment of police officer Darren Wilson, and in solidarity with the late Michael Brown and his family in Ferguson, as they marched under the banner (or hash tag), #HandsupDontShoot and #HandsUpWalkout.

The obvious irony here is that if Michael Brown had actually put his ‘hands up’, then he probably wouldn’t have been shot. But don’t tell that to the mobs, because the T-shirts and signs have already been paid for.

In reality, the number of fully employed individuals who actually called in sick to join in was marginal, with the overwhelming majority of marchers belonging to the country’s ever-growing ranks of the unemployed, under-employed, professional activists and an endless columns of students. Undergrad students at Ivy League stalwart Yale University even got involved in the demonstrations.

As for the students taking days off, it’s been said that since the dawn of modern schooling, cutting class has never been a hard sell, so convincing young progressive foot-soldiers-in-training to take a day out for another march wasn’t difficult. In fact, many of today’s teachers will have encouraged students to go out and march, providing they write about their experience and feelings and maybe share it with the class afterwards. I wouldn’t be surprised if teachers joined them out on Sharpton and Holder’s ‘National Day of Hookie

Another target group that hasn’t spent a whole lot of time inside a classroom, NFL football players, also joined in to promote the “HANDS UP” (throw me a pass?) mythology spun by US media throughout the Ferguson affair. Four members of the St. Louis Rams football franchise ran out onto the field yesterday, holding their hands up in the air in honor of Michael Brown.

Rams tight end Jared Cook and receivers Kenny BrittTavon AustinChris Givens and Stedman Bailey,  Wide receiver Britt had the name, “Michael Brown” written on his right forearm. 

HANDS-UP: NFL players in solidarity… for solidarity’s sake.

Many in law enforcement, and Americans in general, have taken particular offense to the NFL gesture, and with good reason. The St. Louis Rams players’ actions insinuate that Brown was executed by Officer Wilson on Aug. 9th, despite the fact that multiple eyewitness testimonies, including those of black residents, in the Grand Jury have proven beyond any doubt that Michael Brown did not have his hands in the air ‘surrendering’ himself before being shot by the officer. The facts from the investigation show quite the opposite. Much to the chagrin of the mob, it has already been proven as fact – by overwhelming testimony, coupled with forensics, and Michael Brown’s own autopsy, that Brown had first physically assaulted Wilson, then wrestled the officer in the police car before attempting to grab the officer’s gun, and instead of fleeing the scene after the altercation, the 6’4″ 292 lb 18 year old young man turned back and charged the officer head first after which time he was shot multiple times. 

In response to the NFL protest, the SLPOA released the following statement via KSDK.com“The St. Louis Police Officers Association is profoundly disappointed with the members of the St. Louis Rams football team who chose to ignore the mountains of evidence released from the St. Louis County Grand Jury this week and engage in a display that police officers around the nation found tasteless, offensive and inflammatory.” 

No doubt Rams players got the idea from another NFL team currently under siege from America’s politically correct (pc) culture Stasi reformists and their mobs, the Washington DC Redskins. Suddenly in the last 18 months, pc police do not like the name ‘Redskins’, although real Native Indians have yet to comment on the controversy. On Aug. 18th, Washington DC Redskins’ defensive backs took the field at FedEx Staduim with their hands raised signaling the new pc mantra based on the early fictional mythology spun by media wizards, symbolized by the slogan, “Hands up, don’t shoot”.

Anyone following the NFL over the last six months will know that the league has already been castrated by the pc police following the actions of a truly class act, Ray Rice, who was smart enough to beat his doting wife on camera. See the Rice’s famous knock-out punch here:

Add to this, the NFL’s three other ‘social conduct’ scandals including Carolina Panthers‘ Greg Hardy, the 49ers‘ Ray McDonald and Vikings‘ Adrian Peterson. As a result, and from pressure applied by pc lobby on to NFL sponsors, networks and advertisers, the NFL was forced to appoint three women, Lisa Friel, Jane Randel and Rita Smith – hired by the league to “help lead and shape the NFL’s policies and programs relating to domestic violence and sexual assault”, in other words, to implement political correctness and ‘behavioral modification’. Hardly. What happened afterwards was even more shocking. Under the media cover provided by Ferguson, the NFL then quietly reinstated the Ravens’ disgraced running back Rice. Not a word from the women, or the pc crowd – who were all too busy watching MSNBC and the White House’s three-ringed circus in Ferguson. Now that the NFL’s hands have been sufficiently tied by political correctness, the league has no choice but to yield Sharpton-style half-baked, racial power-politics on its fields. Ironically, the St. Louis Rams on-field ‘Hands Up’ demonstration gave Ray Rice the soft landing he needed to ease his way back into the game.

Rice’s wife Janay, now an ’embattled but recovering spouse’ (with a $1000 hand bag) has been holding her end up by doing the tabloid and media rounds and bolstering the Rice family brand. It’s a wonderful life – if you are a multi-millionaire celebrity.

HANDS-UP (WE’RE ROBBING YOU): Congress joined in the left’s war on reality, also pushing the dumbed-down media narrative.

The Congressional Black Caucus couldn’t resist the photo-op either, as marching orders were sent down the ranks, with House representatives ordered to join in and push the Michael Brown mythology. “Hands up, don’t shoot. It’s a rallying cry of people all across America who are fed up with police violence,” Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.).

Congressman Al Green from Texas used the moment to plug the NFL and the St. Louis Rams pc credentials as well, saying, “This has become the new symbol, a new statement, a statement wherein people around the country now, are calling to the attention of those who don’t quite understand that this is a movement that will not dissipate, it will not evaporate. It is a movement that is going to continue,”

Eventually, it will evaporate, only to be replaced by a new social media fad, as the culturally Marxist Borg moves on and shifts it’s shape to suit the next political opportunity.

Elsewhere yesterday, other students and unemployed protesters followed their community organizer leaders into a Walmart store, dressed all shabby chique while marching through the fresh produce sections and home accessories departments chanting, ‘No Justice, No Peace’. Of course, this would never have happened without the stunt being shot on video, and then uploaded to YouTube.

The other popular ‘protest’ is laying dead on the streets which just happens to dovetail nicely with America’s popular macabre fascination with all things dead, undead or ‘living dead’, zombies, vampires etc, etc. It’s become a kind of national pastime for millenials, this time, in homage to Michael Brown:

For the most part, students are at the mercy of collectivist-oriented educators and social media herds.

To make matters even worse, a Tweet surfaced this week from none other than the White House’s ‘Initiative for Afro-American Excellence’, which revealed their latest federally-funded brainwave entitled, “5 ways to teach about Michael Brown and Ferguson in the new school year”.

Here are three activities we flagged as particularly manipulative, designed by radical academics to further confuse and brain wash young impressionable minds:

1. Ask students to write letters – The teacher can ask students to write different letters to different people involved in the shooting and riots and frame the letters differently based on the person they are writing to.”
2. Create a ‘classroom memorial’ (to Michael Brown) – “This activity involves having students use whatever they feel skilled in to create something that would honor Michael Brown and other people who have been victims of police and other violence. (…) Students can use this opportunity to create a counter-narrative to negative stories and images about Ferguson and Michael Brown, or even to document stories and images they have seen in the media about the case. (…) Engaging in this type of activity allows teachers to understand youth strengths and form classroom solidarity.”
3. Carry the theme for the rest of the year
– “Students realize early in the school year that this class goes beyond meaningless assignments like writing and talking about what they did over the summer.”

To learn more ways to bringing Ferguson and Michael Brown into the classroom, follow the #HipHopEd and #FergusonSyllabus hashtags on Twitter.”

To say that this kind of applied behavioral psychology is twisted is an understatement. The political radicalization of children in schools is Cultural Marxism 101. If this is what education gurus in the White House are up to, then god help our children.

RACE-MONGERS: President Obama, Eric Holder, and Al Sharpton, working closely together to start a race war in America.

We now know that the unrest we are seeing has been organized and given political cover by the White House. Three weeks ago, President Barack Obama told ‘civil rights’ leaders he wanted to see protests in Ferguson “staying on course” in the lead-up to the premeditated civil unrest. It was noted that the White House had sent no less than three of its emissaries to attend the funeral of Michael Brown, but could not manage to deploy its entourage for other ‘lower profile’ US deaths (take your pick).

Somehow you get the feeling that this is an Administration obsessed with race and bent on accentuating any racial rifts they can find. As we saw from the ugly scenes in Ferguson and Oakland, they are literally playing with fire.

The end result of all this will be summed in two word: more money (for Washington’s corporate lobbyists and White House ‘friends’). Already there are calls to spend additional billions on body cameras, more ‘diversity training’, more ‘sensitivity training’ and other politically correct ‘educational programs’. All this cost money – public money, which becomes corporate welfare.

Death of a ‘Gangsta’
Without a doubt, the shooting of Michael Brown was a sad tragedy, but so is the mob’s attempt to create a martyr out of the deceased 18 year old. Brown is the latest in a long line of media-driven avatars who illustrate the modern archetype of the ‘gangsta’. In this vein, Brown would be a ladder day Biggie Smalls, or Tupac Shakur – an urban pop icon. Already, there is a Michael Brown Jr merchandise line out and sales are booming online. Mike Brown Sr. was be seen sporting his new Michael Brown tie (see image below) on national TV, and his stepfather Louise Head was proudly wearing his T-Shirt with Brown’s image emblazoned on the front and on the back written in graffiti style, it reads: “I AM MICHAEL BROWN”.

MERCHANDISE LINE: Michael Brown already immortalized in pop fashion.

Based on his actions, Brown was certainly no role model, much less a valid figurehead for any ‘social justice’ movement. Brainwashing students to believe that there was any ‘civil rights’ substance to the Michael Brown case is also teaching them not to explore the facts of the case, and thus robbing American youth of gleaning any reality-based, common sense lessons that the Brown tragedy has to offer. In case they missed out, these lessons were as follows:

1. Do not rob convenience stores, especially ones in your own neighborhood.
2. Do not try to wrestle a police officer in a police vehicle, and then punch the officer in the face.
3. Do not try and take a police officer’s gun from him.
4. After fleeing the scene, do not then turn back around and charge at the police officer head first.

Chances are, if you try to avoid all four those points above, then you would still be alive today, tomorrow, and the day after that.

When you take a step back and look at the activist circus surrounding the Wilson vs. Brown case, what the ‘No Justice, No Peace’ campaign really reinforces is that even if an individual has committed a crime, acted irrationally, dangerously and is in the wrong, then media and ‘the community’ will be there to back them up, with street mobs, looters and arsonists if need be. Al Sharpton said it best, “We saw Michael (Brown), and saw that it could’ve been our sons”. Sharpton unwittingly revealed the subtext to this debate, the elephant in black America’s front room – the continued glorification of ‘thug life’ in popular American culture. Whether its Ray Rice’s thuggish wife-beating, or Michael Brown’s thuggish strong-armed robbery which led to his own death – any criticism, or internal query into these important issues is met with a wall of silence from the black community. You can also add here, the bevy of ‘progressive’ organizations who are currently using the Brown tragedy to turbo-charge their fundraising and sweep up any scraps of political capital still left on their march to fame and fortunes in Washington.

The images of looters and arsonists still haunt America. Back in Ferguson, Sam’s Meat Market grocery store, which was first looted on Aug 15th by criminal mobs, was later set on fire during the second round of looting and arson on November 24th. Watch this interview with the store’s staff back in August:

The following footage will also shock viewers, first depicting Michael Brown carrying out his strong-arm robbery on Aug. 9th, but the rest of the film is spectacular – with dozens of black teenagers in Ferguson looting – and setting fire, in a different convenience store on Nov. 24th:

One man who sensed his 15 minutes of fame that night was Michael Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, himself a convicted felon and ex-c0n, stood up and screamed in a fit of dark ecstasy, “Burn this bitch down! Burn it down!”, to a mob of hundred only moments after the Grand Jury verdict was returned.

And burn it down they did…

BURN IT DOWN: Egged on by his betters, Michael Brown’s ex-con stepfather Louis Head, with a loose belt, incites a riot in Ferguson on Nov. 24th.

Missouri’s lieutenant governor, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, went so far as to say in a recent radio interview with radio talk show host Laura Ingraham that,“He should be arrested and charged with inciting to riot.”

Putting the mob’s dodgy argument for ‘justice’ aside, by  anyone’s measure, Head’s behavior (also caught on camera) was not suitable in civilized society, yet not a word from ‘the black community’ regarding Head’s incitement. Instead, the Brown family, their lawyers and other ‘race experts’ assembled daily by MSNBC, CNN and NBC – are acting as apologists for Head, excusing him inciting a fatal street riot, claiming that, “He didn’t mean it, he was just overcome with emotion”. 

But he did mean it, and despite all the denial and covering for Head, even a novice can see that he knew exactly what he was doing – which was calling for blood. That’s exactly what happened – while all night, race mobs, looters and arsonists all joined forces, and proceeded to completely level the city of Ferguson – and for no good reason. Nonetheless, it would be in violation of Head’s probation, which would send him back behind bars for 12 months. Head demonstrates he is out of control and willing to manipulate others, putting his community in danger. Clearly, Head was anything but a role model for a troubled young man like Michael Brown. It all begins to makes sense now.

A verdict was returned, and Ferguson burned. Protests continue in cities across the US, morphing, adjusting to the social media Zeitgeist of the hour, and all roads lead to the coming Occupy 2.0 Extravaganza – with their build-up to the 2016 US election scheduled to begin in 2015. Michael Brown is just a springboard for radical groups currently planning and organizing their next nationwide vague disruption. The notorious People’s Microphone (a ‘Simon Says’ game played by mindless activists in public spaces) was even spotted in New York yesterday. 

It’s all part of the dumbing-down of activism in a post-literate society, where mobs are manipulated by skilled agitators and social engineers.

The Michael Brown case is a classic exhibition of the herd conjuring up a ‘social justice’, or ‘civil rights’ narrative, to suit a collectivist political mission. When illogical mobs take to Twitter and the streets to protest something that never happened, then this can only be described as follows:

America, brace yourself for the war on reality.

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