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Ferguson Mob Carjacks Elderly Man on Oxygen, Runs Him Over

21st Century Wire says…

As Ferguson street mobs raged for the third night running, footage emerged from a local St. Louis news crew captured footage showing the aftermath of this shocking incident – a white elderly man being carjacked and attacked by two thugs as he tried to refill his own oxygen supply.

The ugly scene took place in the parking lot of Faraci Pizza in Ferguson on Monday night. As the two black men attempted to take his car, the man held on to his steering wheel and was run over as the thieves sped away.

Hear social commentator, E.T. Williams, and his reaction to this latest shocker out of Ferguson, in this video below posted on YT channel Promoting Common Sense One Person at a Time. Watch:

According to one eyewitnesses, the elderly man was attacked by two men while returning to his vehicle – to swap-out his empty O2 tank.

Robin Smith of local KMOV-TV explained at the scene of the crime, where The victim could be seen lying face down on the cold pavement with his oxygen tank.  Smith could be heard saying,“You need to take us live. Some gentlemen was in his car, he was on oxygen, they stole his car, left him on the ground. We’re standing here where he is”.

“Only in America do you see stuff like this,” the man reportedly told Jaye Perry, 52, who was also surveying the scene from the parking lot, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Watch aftermath and eyewitness testimony here:

As riots and looting continued to spread  to other locations around the US, opportunistic leftist looters in Oakland, CA, also began targeting a number of local businesses there.

Hostilities in Oakland started when a crowd of 150 protesters led by ‘community organizers’, who gathered in central Oakland and started to throw rocks at windows, vandalize and spray paint buildings and eventually, all-out looting…

Black youths were looting in Oakland, but female looter is confronted by another female protester.

Still, White House black race relations ‘advisor’ and street agitator, Al Sharpton, maintains that rioting and looting are ‘warranted’, and issued a veiled threat not only to police and prosecutors in Ferguson, but to cities all over the US, hinting at more “protests” which have been known to end in riots and looting of local businesses.  

America braces itself for more left-wing and anarchist street violence this weekend.

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