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Ferguson: Riots, Race and the Democratic Party Machine

1-Patrick-henningsen-BWPatrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

Race politics and identity politics are dividing American society, and there is nothing ‘grassroots’ about it. It’s all engineered from the top down.

On November 5th, the day after US midterm elections, President Barack Obama met with Ferguson ‘activist’ leaders. It was not part of his daily schedule. He proceeded to tell protesters to, “stay on course”.

Did the President mean ‘stay on course for the rioting’?

Why is Obama meeting with violent protesters before a preliminary verdict is reached in what could be a protracted legal case? It’s not the first Obama has tried his hand at stirring up race mobs, claiming that a shooting victim “could have been my son”.

Why would a US President want to inject himself into a overly-politicized, volatile local matter? It’s something we’ve come to expect from this President, who acts a lot more like a precinct-obsessed Mayor of a city (there’s a job for you in Chicago), or petty dictator, than a President.

The lesson which the race baiting mobs should have learned from the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman trial – but didn’t, is that you cannot prove that racism was a factor in the individual altercation. The jury decided as such with Zimmerman, but the mobs still raged.

The same applies to the shooting of Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri this past summer. For this mob assembling in Ferguson, it seems as if anything short of a Grand Jury demanding the electric chair for Darren Wilson will result in the burning of the city, along with plenty of violent, random reprisal attacks against whites around America.

Let’s hope that cooler heads prevail, but it will be a tough verdict for mobs to swallow if Officer Wilson is not indicted.

‘Activists’ (a crude, throw-away label these days) who then cry, “Well, it’s institutional racism then!”, be be over-reaching in this instance. If a Grand Jury acquits this officer of murder, then this would be because the evidence suggests that is the case – like it or not.

Police brutality is not a ‘race issue’ as many are trying to frame it. It’s pervasive throughout all areas of society in America. US law enforcement is no different to the US military in this respect – both have an obsession with using ‘overwhelming’ or lethal force in any confrontation. Both have changed their rules of engagement in recent years. Here at home, police departments have become obese with heavy equipment as a result of billions of dollars in DHS grants coming directly from Obama’s federal government, yet there’s been no protest of this from the usual left-wing quarters on this important issue, and now it’s festered out of control. Yes, it’s true: racism does exist within police departments and other institutions, but you cannot rightly deliver a mob verdict in this particular case. It’s wrong. Yet, the mob will not hesitate to use the politically correct sledge hammer on any white police officer who arrests, or is involved in a shooting with a black man. Even less civilized is when a mob is allowed to decide the outcome of a forensic investigation based on ‘feeling’, or a legal decision based on ’emotion’.

Would the mobs be so emboldened if they did not have the expressed backing of the Federal government in the form of White House, the President and DOJ endorsements of aggressive street actions? The answer is probably no. So in this case, Ferguson has been fueled by the regime in Washington. That means that by definition, Ferguson protesters are ‘controlled opposition’. But if they are being controlled by the White House, then who are they opposing? The answer is simple: like a puppet on ‘Twitter strings’ being manipulated by the state, this controlled opposition carries on thinking it’s opposing the state, but it is only opposing itself.

A very, very dangerous thing indeed…

WHITE HOUSE FLASH MOBS: Govt are backing the mobs (Image: RT)

The reality is that because of the present demographic and socio-economic (and education, labor force) realities inside the US, there will always be more white police officers than black officers – even in predominantly black areas. Unless the federal government, the NAACP or Eric Holder, are planning to ‘step in’ and re-engineer that equation, then it will not change. Nor will socio-economic inequities change as a result of the verdict of the Brown-Wilson case. But the Democratic machine (and the state in general) still prefers to operate behind the smoke of burning buildings and directionless mobs.

As a result of the mob and police build-up, the story in Ferguson has morphed into a ‘police state’ story, which ultimately deflects and diverts the conversation away form the Democratic machine’s shameless incitement of street mobs – and also away from Michael Brown himself. Total media obfuscation of the real issues.

The key element to the emboldened Ferguson Flash Mob, is the fact that, once again, the Democratic Party machine has intentionally inserted itself into the middle of an already tenuous conversation – in order to reserve votes. Democratic leadership see themselves as the party of race, racial politics and racial division. That’s where its bread is buttered (or so it says).

Ferguson is an outgrowth of the Soros-funded Occupy Movement. Now that Occupy has been sidelined until next fall, there are millions of ‘activists’, students, youth and their media detachments, have been idle and need to an event to rally behind. Even though Ferguson is clearly a criminal justice and legal matter – which should be based on a forensic investigation and NOT a lynch mob or Kangaroo Court trial, cultural marxists have turned it into purely racial, and ‘social justice’ circus.

As a result of the Flash Mobs and the predictable out-of-town opportunists who flocked to the Midwest’s largest-ever street party. Within the first groups to arrive on the scene this past August were some genuine citizen journalists, concerned observers and others, and it wasn’t long before trouble makers arrived from the surrounding regional Missouri area. What resulted then were buildings being torched, LA-style looting, gun shots fired by certain members mixed into the crowd with protesters – ending with an intense stand-off with the police. The police then responded the way police and law enforcement often respond to large crowds baying for blood – afraid to appear weak to the mob, they put on a tough front.

Now the the US media has had sufficient time to hype-up Ferguson again, giving trouble makers from further out of town enough time to plan a trip to Missouri, we can expect a bigger gaggle of anarchist/black-bloc types playing dress-up in their Doc Martins, additional Auxiliary ranks of available Occupy foot soldiers, and otherwise mindless millennials eager to cut their teeth on the street protest scene.

Much worse this time, however – they media hype, along with the insistence of a US President to christen the event with his Presidential seal of approval, Ferguson can expect a few small detachments of Eminem look-alike NeoNazi brigades, and federal (FBI) agency-managed ‘White Supremacist’ AND ‘New Black Panther’ members (both have FBI informants-cum-actors deeply embedded within the top tier of their organizations). New Black Panther leader Samir Shabazz publicly stated during the Trayvon affair in Sanford, Florida, that his organisation was preparing to ‘take the fight to white people’ living in American suburbs:

“This time we’re doing it right… This time we’re not burning down our communities. This time we’re going out to Whitey’s suburbs and burning down HIS community. We’re going to make Whitey feel the pain.”

You can also expect equally pathetic, racist rhetoric to be coming from this comical and dangerously unintelligent White Supremacist, or “Aryan Nation” (as if there was such a thing) crowd too.

The US media, namely MSNBC but also CNN and FOX News (FOX will try and make a meal out of this faux unrest), the Democratic Party Machine, professional street agitators like Al Sharpton, jesse Jackson, and race merchants like the Southern Poverty Law Center – will all see the dollar signs and votes up for grabs, and they will lap it up, shouting ‘burn baby burn!’ – until there is nothing left but ashes. And that will not help Michael Brown, or his family either.

A classic example of controlled opposition, and a crude exhibition of ‘mob justice’.

Let the fireworks begin…

Thank you Mr. President!


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