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Rare Moment of Levity – Chicago Man Warns Obama: ‘Don’t touch my girlfriend!’

21st Century Wire says…

The US President briefly faced off with a Chicago man – who warned Obama over getting too flirty with his fiancé in the voting both.

Obama finally loosened up this week, and it only took 6 years…

Undoubtedly, he will go down in history as America’s “First Black President”, but critics will add how this POTUS also been one of the most divisive and sectarian politicians ever to occupy the White House.

Historians may also remark that the first 6 years of the Obama presidency has been marked by how tight and retentive Obama normally is, which may be explained by his acute lack of experienced in the leadership/management department.

As 21WIRE reported last week, even the Washington Post admits, “Obama ruined things for the young, unaccomplished and inexperienced fast-talkers out there”.

Relaxing on the golf course, or posing for narcissistic ‘selfies’ at funerals (see below) – may appear cool in newspapers, but that doesn’t translate to success in polls or politics.

TRYING TO FIT IN: The apex of bad taste for any head of state.

Obama was thrust into his position, logo and all, by the Establishment – a pure marketing success, but that never translated into political success, which might explain why so often, Obama often appears uncomfortable. Like someone who was promoted from the mail room to CEO, he’s uncomfortable in front, preferring instead to ‘lead from behind’.

Finally, Obama tosses away his depressingly vigilant obsession with PR perfection. At last, a moment of levity.

Sure, it probably pissed off the boyfriend, and will cause the First Lady to start throwing things and breaking dishes around the White House, but at least it was real...

BREAK FROM SCRIPT: Obama shows rare display of ‘being normal’, as he cruises man’s girlfriend at Chicago polling booth.

RT reports:

As President Obama cast his midterm ballot in Chicago on Monday, a protective boyfriend named Mike casually told him not flirt with his fiancée, who was casting her ballot next to the President. The exchange was captured on video by CNN affiliate WLS-TV.

Watch, as the sparks fly…

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