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Arabs Under the Bus: Has Biden Grown a Brain? No, He’s Just Campaigning for 2016

Pat3_colorPatrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

The Vice President’s speech this week at Harvard University raised a few eyebrows when he blamed Washington’s Middle East allies for financing and  fueling the rise of the Islamic terrorist phenomenon ISIS.

There’s more to this than meets the eye…

Biden admitted that Arabia’s oil Kings, ‘were so determined to get rid of Syria’s Assad that they sent money and gun to anyone willing to fight’, which caused the flood of foreign Jihadis, al Nusra, al Qaeda, and future ISIS terrorists into Syria from 2011. He also blamed Turkey for being a door mat for terrorists traveling from Turkey into Syria. He’s right, but Turkey was not happy with the comments from the VP.

RT reports: On Thursday, Biden said his “old friend” Erdogan (Turkish President) had admitted to making a mistake in allowing foreign fighters to cross the Turkish border into Syria.

“You were right. We let too many people through.  Now they’re trying to seal their border,” Biden quoted Erdogan as saying.

So Biden just blew the lid on Syria’s Jihadi plague and threw Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and the UAE – the whole Arab coalition, under the bus. This is a significant departure from the Vice President’s wild-eyed, American muscle-flexing, “Gates of Hell” ISIS speech unleashed only weeks earlier.

Most alternative journalists and geopolitical realists will certainly back Biden’s point, and some may even applaud it, but it’s still a huge break from the White House and US State Department, who have carefully crafted a mythology of a cohesive ‘Coalition’ in their battle to crush ISIS in Iraq and Syria (see video below).

Biden’s admission has prompted many alternative media pundits to ask the question: Has Joe Biden finally grown a brain?

It might look that way – like Biden has suddenly become a whistleblower of sorts (just imagine) but Biden has always had a brain. The ruling clique has gone to great lengths to craft the harmless ‘back seat’ image of ‘Uncle Joe’ as Barack Obama’s second in command, but just as power filtered through VP Dick Cheney during the Bush Jr years, so it is with Biden – one of Washington’s senior ‘ultimate insiders’ and super deal brokers.

Let’s not forget it was Senator Joe Biden (photo, left) then Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who met with Pakistani General Mahmood Ahmed the day after the attacks of September 11, 2001. This is the same General Ahmed who transferred $100K to alleged 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta, as well as instructed terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh. Bear in mind, all this was going on while Obama was just getting his feet wet in the Illinois state legislature. Any questions?

Although it might be a signal of Washington changing tact in order to escape from the political hole it has dug with ISIS and Syria, there’s something else, a bigger theme at play here in Biden’s Harvard speech…

By pointing the finger at the corrupt GCC petrol monarchies and the Turks, he distances himself not only from Obama’s own state position of an all-Arab love-in, but from other key Washington players as well, namely former Secretary of State and chief architect of the Syria’s civil war, Hillary Clinton. Notice at the tail end of his diatribe how Biden subtly points his finger of shame at the ‘Friends of Syria’ group spear-headed by Hillary Clinton in 2011-2012.

Here we can see Biden distancing himself from a possible rival in the 2016 Presidential Democratic primary. In 2016, foreign policy will be the top plank in every presidential platform, and Biden 2016 will need a leg-up if he hopes to give serious competition to Hillary. To stand out with voters, he will need to escape blame from the ISIS quagmire, and what better way to do this than by blaming then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for that mess. 

Now some naysayers will be  screaming right about now, “how do you know Biden is even going to run in 2016?”. Over the last month, a number of major media outlets have been seeding the idea of a 2016 run, and that’s not by accident. Yes, Uncle Joe is prone to gaff and bloopers, but he has the connections, the support network, and he can raise the funds.

With the help of then British Foreign Secretary William Hague, it was through the Friends of Syria that Clinton was able to create the political smokescreen necessary to coordinate arms and financial aid between the GCC and Turkey, as well as through the fledgling US puppet government in Libya in 2012 which no doubt included funneling ex-Gaddafi arms stock and Jihadist guerrilla fighters from Libya to their new-found rebel fighting force in Syria, a CIA-run covert operation which eventually cost the lives of Americans in Benghazi including US Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Not surprisingly, Biden’s ISIS comments were mostly ignored by the mainstream press who drew a media curtain to conceal Biden’s controversial remarks, instead diverting headlines to Biden’s gaff, “Isn’t it a bitch”, while speaking to his Harvard’s student body counterpart, Student VP senior Sietse Goffard. The comic relief overshadowed the monumental controversy.

Once again, the media belies the seriousness of what’s happening before our eyes.

Biden can smell the power, and let’s face it – he’s used to riding on Air Force One, and let’s also face it – he’d love to call the shots and drop the bombs.

Think of a Biden Presidency as something like another Washington insider’s reign with George Bush Sr, only that Biden will have a lot more electoral competition than Bush had in 1988.

Watch this space…

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