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NATO Oversteps Its Charter Again, Running Guns and Weapons to the Ukraine

21st Century Wire says…

It has become a de facto world army, accountable only to itself…

The single biggest threat to peace and prosperity in Europe and Eurasia today is NATO. Their insistence to further inflame the Ukraine crisis by directly arming non-NATO member Ukraine is not actually provided for in NATO’s charter. Rather, it’s a move designed to escalate tensions between NATO and Russia.

The North Atlantic Treat Organisation (NATO) was originally formed after WWII to offer a binding framework for mutual security in Western Europe in the face of Soviet expansion. It advertises itself as a collective, but in reality, it mainly financed and almost exclusively run by the United States, servings an extension arm to enforce American interests overseas. After the fall of of the Iron Curtain and the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991, instead of rolling back its activities, NATO began to rapidly expand eastward and become hyper-active in both its political and military activities.

NATO EXPANSION: Moving east in order to force a confrontation with Russia.

Besides reports of promises made to Mikhail Gorbachev, not to expand NATO “as much as a thumb’s width further to the East”, Spiegel Online reports of other assurances made during German reunification:

On Feb. 10, 1990, between 4 and 6:30 p.m., Genscher spoke with Shevardnadze. According to the German record of the conversation, which was only recently declassified, Genscher said: “We are aware that NATO membership for a unified Germany raises complicated questions. For us, however, one thing is certain: NATO will not expand to the east.”

Those promises were all broken.

MyCatBirdSeat reports on the illegality of NATO:

Former UN Assistant Secretary General Hans Christof von Sponeck used the following words to express his opinion that NATO now violates the UN Charter and international law:

“In the 1949 North Atlantic Treaty, the Charter of the United Nations was declared to be NATO’s legally binding framework. However, the United-Nations monopoly of the use of force, especially as specified in Article 51 of the Charter, was no longer accepted according to the 1999 NATO doctrine. NATO’s territorial scope, until then limited to the Euro-Atlantic region, was expanded by its members to include the whole world.”

NATO’s charter specifically states that the alliance exists to defend member states – not to attack other nations. Judging by its actions, its mission is to replace the UN Security Council’s function of authorising force, and to retain a monopoly on force worldwide.


NATO’s first big move to usurp the UN and international law came in 1999 with NATO’s bombing of Serbia. It claimed the effort was intended to force the Yugoslav Government of former President Slobodan Milosevic to withdraw its forces from Kosovo, but it was more than that. NATO wanted to test the UN charter and international law in order to set a precedent – in this case a criminal precedent. The UN Charter strictly forbids military intervention in sovereign nations unless agreed by a UN Security Council resolution.


NATO’s most recent move to undermine international law came in 2011 with Libya. NATO lied about its mission and intentions, instead using the disguise of a ‘humanitarian intervention’ in order to provide air cover for Islamic terrorists and rebel fighting groups on the ground trying to depose the Gaddafi government. The bombing campaign and chaos that ensued resulted in an estimated 30,000 civilian deaths and casualties. Western nations chalked these up to collateral damage. They told us, “Gaddafi had to go. The ends justified the means”. It’s as simple as that.


Now NATO is displaying its most open political and risky military aggression yet in the Ukraine. While a ceasefire has been reached in Eastern Ukraine and hostilities have ceased, NATO has seized the opportunity to inject more tension by openly trafficking arms on to Russia’s doorstep.

“Must Europe really be dragged into a potentially catastrophic war with Russia? At present the United States government is trying to force the European members of NATO to participate in aggressive operations in connection with the coup which it carried out in Ukraine. Europe must refuse”, says John Scales Avery from Counter Currents.

NULAND’S ARMY: NATO and the US State Dept. chose to back NeoNazi ‘Right Sector’ factions in a violent coup in Feb 2014 (Photo: Oriental Review)

NATO Sending Lethal Weapons to Ukraine

i24 News

Kiev: ‘We reached agreements in closed talks, without media, about … those weapons that we currently need’

NATO is delivering weapons to Ukraine, the defense minister of the embattled European nation said Sunday.

“We reached agreements in closed talks, without media, about … those weapons that we currently need,” Defense Minister Valery Heletey said, according to Reuters. Heletey said his country needed weapons “that could stop [Vladimir] Putin,” the Russian president.

“I have no right to disclose any specific country we reached that agreement with. But the fact is that those weapons are already on the way to us — that’s absolutely true, I can officially tell you,” Heletey told the news service.

“Heavy fighting” was going on near Donetsk Sunday, AFP reported, raising questions about the sustainability of a truce there now nine days old.

“Large clouds of thick black smoke billowed over the industrial city as the boom of sustained shelling and the rattle of automatic gunfire rang out throughout the day, AFP reporters witnessed,” the news service said.

NATO itself won’t send weaponry to Ukraine, but its member nations can, Reuters said.




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