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ISIS dot com: Social Media Barons Are Pushing the New Barbarity

1-Andrew-McKillopAndrew McKillop
21st Century Wire

Something stinks in the upper echelon of the mega media barons.

Isn’t it interesting how Facebook bots will censor certain political posts, or how your page can be pulled down for a remark someone behind the communitarian curtain claims is ‘offensive’, while jihadist and ISIS terror gangs are allowed to openly use the same social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for recruitment, ‘martyr selfies’, marketing, T-Shirt sales, and to post murder photos?

If only the problem ended there. Something much deeper, and much more insidious is going on behind the doors of Silicon Valley, Hollywood and CIA meeting rooms, or maybe not – they tell us this is simply progress. New and dark cultural features are being unleashed into the minds of the public via the War on Terror, and it’s all for profit…

Marketing Push: ‘Terrorism is Cool

Writing for Stratfor, August 28, Robert D. Kaplan said that “Terrorism is Theatre”, but of course only for the mentally sick, including the Internet barons who directly profit from Death Pornography.

Kaplan claims that by choosing decapitation as the method for killing US journalist James Foley, the degenerate psychopaths of ISIS were ‘right on the Internet social network button’, in some sort of macabre tribute to the ISIS marketing department.

What they chose “is the best method for the sake of a visually dramatic video, because you can show the severed head atop the chest at the conclusion”. Kaplan added that, “Using a short knife, as in this case, rather than a sword, also makes the event both more chilling and intimate”.

Just like a halal abattoir, except this time it concerns a human being.

(Note: for keen observers of the Foley video, it should be said that a beheading could not have been carried out with a pen knife, and no beheading actually took place on the video, so despite all the media and presidential outrage, at present the ISIS/Foley video cannot be considered as forensic proof of anything beyond a video that was stitched together – but that’s a discussion for another article.)

This was Internet-friendly barbarity, due to the need, Kaplan said, for the “additional meaning” we so long for when we Tweet or Facebook or YouTube our crimes against humanity. Kaplan also said that:

“Passion, deep belief, political protests and so forth have little meaning nowadays if they cannot be broadcast”.

He added that even torture and gruesome death “must be communicated to large numbers of people if they are to be effective”. Otherwise the poor dears do not understand – but watch how they react when it happens to them, their families or their friends!

The Gloating Nerds

The nerds in Silicon Valley gloat over the billions of dollars they have amassed on the back of narcissistic marketing of filth – off the backs of average Jack and Jill consumers trapped in a degenerate and sadistic mind-warp – and the billionaire nerds are of course not laughing just all the way to the bank, they are laughing all the way to the gallows, more frequently celebrating their “executions”, or in fact murdering of other people. Their own silky necks are not yet placed in the noose to be cracked by a sharp drop while the social network Internauts – voyeurs they are, from the comfort of their own homes.

Nemesis in Greek myth hinges on the punishment of degenerate and obsessional narcissism – which is essentially the business model of the social networks. As the old story goes Narcissus was lured by Nemesis to the poolside where he obsessionally admired the reflection of his own “incredible beauty”. He was so obsessed that he starved to death… admiring himself.

Like with Nemesis, will our media moguls receive a just punishment for willfully corrupting the public with sadistic filth? The nerds’ claim that they have liberated us all with “new forms of self-expression” – including open-air killings, will never add up morally but that won’t stop media moguls from pushing their graven images. In 2014, any framework for morality and decency has already been torn down by the media moguls. This may be business-only for them, but to society, it is a direct in-your-face challenge. That is where we are at now.

Kaplan is right to ask by what primal fault of society the “geeky billionaires of Silicon Valley and the Pacific Northwest” can claim to be innocent?

Instead, why can’t we see the CEO’s and geeks themselves being tortured, burnt, buried alive, decapitated with a rusty knife, with consumer reaping the profits? They would at least have served some purpose! Instead, by polluting the public mind, they rack up “stakeholder benefits” for Wall Street’s army of financial roaches seeking any way to talk up share prices or a junk bond. To profit on an industrial scale from the Death Porn is an institutional crime for sure, but money has no odor and is always innocent – until society wakes up, and acts.

Internet and the social networks have brought us back to the worst sorts of barbarism and the criminals who are responsible can be very easily identified although they are running rich and free – at present. But not necessarily forever.

Zero Moral Worth

The weak-knee’d claim that “communications technology is value neutral” does not work, no more than Mao’s claim that the great purge “purified society”.

Sadly, the Nazis were deprived of the digital media empire to make easy money from barbarity and pollute more minds with their psychopathic depravity. Pol Pot, Idi Amin and other mass murderers were also “deprived of Internet access”. Image the potential for the tyrants.

Unlike ISIS, the Nazis did not have “geeks” on their side in their war to destroy society and its values. The social network providers, ever-greedy for sensation and for visitor hits enabling them to sell advertising space and generate “big data” – why not for rusty knives and funeral services?

Whether or not the Foley video was staged to solicit a certain public reaction to it, for example – launching US air strikes in Syria, it’s obvious that there is some dark arts in action in the way Western media are touting these videos in public. They are actively aiding and abetting the most hideous forms of exhibitionism – for example the decapitation of James Foley, called “execution” and not what it really was in terms of a billion dollar US media marketing campaign – an open air murder by a psychopath and war criminal. In the end, their is zero moral value in re-disseminating this kind of pornography through the multi-billion broadcast media complex, yet they are doing more and more push-marketing of this material each year.

Words do not count for the billionaire geeks, of course, but they count in a law court! Whenever and if ever they wanted, they could simply say, “Sorry, we don’t screen that sort of dirt on our networks”. Instead, the geeks are providing death pornography and the incitement to murder, and this is due to their greed and nothing else. They are materially complicit in acts of barbarity and depravity.

Where is this all heading? It’s regressive for sure, and taking society’s minds to darker place.

According to Kaplan, we are back to a medieval world of morals and of medieval ritual theater, but in which the audience is now global. That is really a triumph for innovation, the same way the Nazi’s mobile execution wagons, pumping tailpipe exhausts into the sealed containers full of human beings, was also “technological innovation”.

Any kind of theater needs trained and rehearsed actors, and the Internet geeks are supplying the training – for psychopaths. Already today, the standard ISIS decapitation showtime features a hooded executioner, with a Guantanamo jumpsuit for the victim, and of course the rusty knife. The script is standardized – and more death shows are promised. The social network providers will be there to make it happen!

We can also make it happen. Pursue the geeks who profit from this with the the full force of the law.

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