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Murdoch’s Media Monopoly: Are the Globalists Streamlining Their PR for WWIII?

21st Century Wire 

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has made a bid to buy Time Warner for $80 Billion during the early hours of Wednesday

Studio giant 21st Century Fox, which is owned by Murdoch, hoped to purchase the media giant Time Warner Inc., before the offer was rebuffed due to 
consideration of its shareholders. A Time Warner rep explained the reason why the deal couldn’t go through at this time, ” There are great strategic, operational, and regulatory risks to executing a combination with Twenty-First Century Fox.”

Rejection is nothing new to Murdoch. His initial bid swallow up The Wall Street Journal newspaper was met with great resistance and loud jeering from media skeptics before fully taking over the popular financial rag.

All sources are pointing to a round two of the Murdoch bidding, as he plans to offer Time Warner shareholders a sweetheart deal… of over $85 a share – a move which would create a number of new multimillionaires  and multibillionaires currently working for Time Warner and scores of other major shareholders.

Media Mogul: Murdoch goes for galactic domination (IMAGE: Daily Beast)

The purchase of Time Warner is very much in the cross hairs of 21st Century Fox that Murdoch is willing to off-load his latest experiment with The Wall Street Journal in order to avoid regulation anomalies and accusations of fusing together a media monopoly. 

Combining the two mammoths, 21st Century Fox and Time Warner, would bring biggest hits and the highest grossing content in TV and film – all under one umbrella, including HBO, Fox Broadcasting, and mega movie studio Warner Bros.

What does this mean for the future of American media as we know it? 

Rupert Murdoch is a master at manipulating the minds of the masses. His reputation for playing both sides of the political spectrum – such as pushing the NeoCon agenda, or for donating to the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign, has been greatly noted. However he has been consistent on one thing – the dedicated promotion of war. Any war is a good war for Murdoch’s media machine; large wars, small wars, cold wars, or hot wars. As the new winds of war heat up, and the cries from distressed Americans reach critical mass, it would be a Globalist PR Firm’s wet dream to consolidate and streamline the war message, something this merger could help greatly with.

For over a decade now, alternative media Doomsdayers and mainstream media Soothsayers alike, have been constantly speculating about when and between who, the next world war will be. Like a scene out of Rocky IV, Americans will cheer for an American protagonist, like Obama, to defeat a Great Russian Bear, like Putin. A production of this scale could only be manifested and scripted through multiple TV outlets along with the wonderful box office potential by 21st Century Fox and Murdoch’s team of writers.

While this latest Battery of Billionaires continues, many who payed attention to the last build up to the Iraq War remember the warning signs the US media seeded into the minds of the American public. Everything from sitcoms, motion pictures and cable news, major media outlets promoted a “necessary war”.

With a merger of these two media giants, a new sitcom could very well be in the making… “Rupert Murdoch’s Necessary War”.

Watch this space…

This report was filed by contributor Dean Ryan and edited by 21WIRE editorial team.

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