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EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower: Buses Were Diverted Because Border Patrol, Police Threatened To Stand Down If DHS Used Force Against Murrieta Protestors

21st Century Wire says…

This latest bombshell revelation from a U.S. Federal Border Patrol whistleblower proves that orders had come down from Washington to apply highly unconstitutional, excessive force against peaceful local resident protestors in Murrieta, California last week…


MURRIETA BORDER PATROL (Photo credit: Patrick Henningsen @21WIRE)

– In an exclusive expose regarding the immigration standoff in Murrieta, California, it was revealed by a confidential informant inside the Murrieta U.S. Border Patrol facility that the real reason buses stopped delivering illegal immigrants was due to a virtual mutiny within the U.S. Border Patrol ranks.  

GMN investigative journalists conducted a recorded telephone interview with a highly credible and prominent Murrieta community leader on Sunday July 14, where it was revealed that frontline U.S. Border Patrol agents threatened to stand down if the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) executed a plan to use force upon protestors if they impeded buses transporting undocumented immigrants into the Murrieta processing facility.


Right vs Left face off (Photo: Patrick Henningsen @21WIRE)

“Most of the Border Patrol agents here at this facility are residents of Murrieta, and when they found out that the DHS was going to come in with riot gear, the agents declared that they would not obey any unlawful orders which violate the Constitutional rights of peaceful protestors”, said the informant.

“Our contact inside the U.S. Border Patrol told us that we do not even realize how impactful the protest was… it was a shot heard around the world… all the way back to Guatemala, Mexico, and not just the U.S. Government… the influx of immigrants coming over the border has decreased from 1500 per day down to 800 per day… cut almost in half as a direct result of what we’ve done.”

The front line U.S. Border Patrol agents are essentially refusing to perform any unconstitutional act upon the protesters, and they let their intentions be known to their superiors.  As a result, the Department of Homeland Security could not proceed with delivery of another busload of illegal immigrants to Murrieta due to the lack of support from Murrieta Police Officers, as well as Border Patrol agents – who are steadfast in upholding their oath to defend and support the Constitution of the United States.

On June 23, 2014, local residents of Murrieta California express their will to prohibit the U.S. Government’s lawless policy of transporting and dumping immigrants who are being allowed into the United States without proper documentation to verify they do not have a known criminal history; processing immigrants without proper medical screening; accepting busloads of immigrants at overcrowded facilities without regard to capacity, as well as dumping of unlawfully admitted immigrants in communities all over the United States.

The Border Patrol whistleblower has also expressed his concern about retaliation by the U.S. Government for his willingness to speak out about unlawful and unconstitutional activity he has observed on the inside.  He has asked that whistleblowers receive legal protection from retaliation by the U.S. Government, and that Congress conduct public hearings to investigate wrongdoing by the U.S. Government in this border crisis.

“My contact has pleaded with community leaders to reach out to our local Congressman and demand Congressional inquiry.  We also need to hold our local Sheriff accountable for his gross Constitutional negligence… he was nowhere to be found, and he’s the top law enforcement official in the County.  The Sheriff potentially jeopardized the lives and safety of our local residents, as well as the Murrieta Police and U.S. Border Patrol Agents if the DHS came in with force”, stated the confidential informant.”

Based on the information coming to us confidentially from insiders associated with the Murrieta standoff, we believe that the people of Murrieta stopped the U.S. Government’s human trafficking scheme in its tracks.  The residents stopped DHS buses with determination and resolve, and we are now learning that Guatemala and Mexico are suffering extreme embarrassment for their lack of accountability.

The residents’ Constitutional stance appears to be having an impact on restoring some semblance of law and order along this stretch of the U.S. Mexico border.

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