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INVADING IRAQ 2.0: ISIS Propaganda, Proxy Wars & NATO’s ‘Blitzkrieg’

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

The Western-backed Al-Qaeda offshoot ISIS, has made its way to Iraq through Turkey and over the northeastern border of Syria. This new terror campaign appears to have been rolled out with a decades old objective, which is wrought with violence, propaganda and destabilization funding from the usual sponsors…

We’ve learned that much of Iraq has ‘fallen’ into the hands of Sunni militants, as the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has pushed their way through to Iraq five months ago, while both Britain’s MI6 and the CIA most certainly had prior knowledge of the well-funded terror group’s sweeping movements – allowing their apparent death march to continue despite being warned well in advance (or so the story goes).

According to a Telegraph news release entitled,”Britain and US neglected alert to Iraq jihadist takeover” Kurdish intelligence had specifically disclosed that ISIS displayed a growing terror-grip in the region and that there was a “planned takeover of northern Iraq“:

The head of intelligence for the autonomous Kurdish regional government, which has links with the West, said he had repeatedly tried to send warnings both to the central government in Baghdad and to its allies, Britain and America.

But despite repeated attempts to impress on Washington and London the seriousness of the unfolding situation, he said there was no response from either government.”

This information also comes on the heels as nearly 500 British-born fighters apparently made their way to fight alongside ISIS – in addition to 15 Somali-Americans, according to intelligence reports.

It has been said that one of the men who is has subsequently joined up with ISIS, Rayeed Kahn, lived just a few doors down from four men who plead guilty to an “Al-Qaeda inspired plot” to destroy London’s Stock Exchange a couple years back.

In a cleanly shot video production apparently by ISIS radicals, Kahn is seen dazed and possibly drugged, in a video that is being branded as a recruitment tool for the terror outfit. Kahn was recently accepted to study at Midinah University in Saudi Arabia in 2013/14, just prior to his life taking an apparent extremist turn.

London Stock Exchange -21WIRE IMAGES
IMAGE: ‘My Word is My Bond’ –  In 2012, along with five others, Abdul Malik Miah, Gurukanth Desai, Shah Mohammed Lutfar Rahman and Mohammed Moksudur Rahman Chowdhury, all plead guilty in a plot to detonate bombs within London’s Stock Exchange, other alleged targets included Big Ben and the Church of Scientology. The group was said to be tied to a training facility in Pakistan and had apparently obtained instructions from Al-Qaeda’s ‘Inspire’ publication and CIA linked Anwar  Al-Awlaki, who if you remember, had been invited to lunch at the Pentagon in the aftermath of 9/11,  meeting with top military personnel. Al-Awlaki, was a US born citizen and became a target after being named an ‘operations leader’ for Al-Qaeda, he was subsequently killed in a drone strike in Yemen. Recently a redacted version of the memo used to conduct a military strike on Al-Awlaki was revealed by a New York court. (Photo static.guim.co.uk)

Western Complicity & Occupation by Proxy

In March of 2013, it was reported that the US, UK and France were training Syrian opposition members in Jordan, focusing on heavy artillery and urban warfare skills. The training base is said to be near the borders of Iraq and Syria, in a northern town called Safawi.

While plenty of media outlets have reported that there were FSA facilities in Jordan in the past, there’s been a growing suspicion about the CIA’s involvement in the province, as evidence has come to light that there was an ISIS connection with the rebels being trained there, as reported by SyrianTruth.org , which was then covered here at 21Wire, that displayed a relationship between a Turkish paramilitary group called “Front Victory” and ISIS after its seizure of chlorine gas.

Front Victory is said to have a history of “violent insurgency,” and experience using chlorine as a chemical weapon, many of the groups founders have come out of ISIS – who were first installed in Syria in 2011:

“Jordanian intelligence proceeded to facilitate the smuggling of chlorine gas from Jordan to the organization known as “Islamic State of Iraq”, the first to use chlorine gas technology (with the help of Jordanian Intelligence and Saudi Arabia) as a “chemical weapon” – a taboo issue in the media in the context of covering genocide….

Given the fact that the “first generation” and “second generation” of the founders and staff of “Front Victory” hailed originally out of the “Islamic State of Iraq” organisation, they were the only ones among the insurgent Syrians who are schooled in this technique. In addition, the organization “Islamic State of Iraq” deliberately to be the first installments of his gunmen who were sent to Syria as of fall 2011…

Weeks ago, “Front Victory” are reported to have begun manufacturing chlorine gas shells to be used in mortars and homemade rockets around Aleppo, utilizing the stock from the chlorine gas plant. Note that the said missile was launched from an area “Kafr Daal” in northwest of Aleppo.”

We’re being told that the black-clad ISIS jihadists have been burning and beheading their way through Iraq and after taking control of an oil stronghold within the Mosul region, a clearer picture has emerged as to those who stand to benefit the most by supporting such awful carnage in the second-largest oil state in world.

Well-known geopolitical analyst and strategic risk consultant, William Engdahl states in his latest release, “ISIS in Iraq stinks of CIA/NATO ‘dirty war’ op,” that their is a decidedly Western bend to the propaganda and violence seen coming out about ISIS:

The very details of the ISIS military success in the key Iraqi oil center, Mosul, are suspect. According to well-informed Iraqi journalists, ISIS overran the strategic Mosul region, site of some of the world’s most prolific oilfields, with barely a shot fired in resistance. According to one report, residents of Tikrit reported remarkable displays of “soldiers handing over their weapons and uniforms peacefully to militants who ordinarily would have been expected to kill government soldiers on the spot.”

We are told that ISIS masked psychopaths captured “arms and ammunition from the fleeing security forces” – arms and ammunition supplied by the American government. The offensive coincides with a successful campaign by ISIS in eastern Syria. According to Iraqi journalists, Sunni tribal chiefs in the region had been convinced to side with ISIS against the Shiite Al-Maliki government in Baghdad. They were promised a better deal under ISIS Sunni Sharia than with Baghdad anti-Sunni rule.”

When looking for the motive in any ‘global crime’ we must always consider what natural resources are being fought over and those that are being pillaged, as they are often followed by some sort of destabilization campaign prompting media to declare a one-sided call to action as a remedy for an already destructive process.

We should also  examine the motivations of foreign aid or weaponry given to destabilized regions of the world as it often coincides with a future ‘regime change’ about to take place. It should be noted that last year Syrian oil field’s had also been seized by an Al-Qaeda affiliate which would directly benefit the wider geopolitical and transnational corporate interests of the West.

Also, what kind of compliance is expected from groups receiving aid from Western interests and how will they seek to inflame and polarize audiences by utilizing the existing rift between Shia-Sunni denominations?

Additionally, the West attempts to gain a foothold on the Middle East by strengthening Sunni terror brigades, clamping down on the Shia sect. Western interests also want the Shia-dominated Maliki government out of power in Baghdad.

In November 2013, according to the FBI dozens of  terrorists were allowed to come to the US under refugee status and in 2009, they discovered two Al-Qaeda terrorists living in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Why were known terrorists allowed to come to the US? There appears to be an substantial effort to bring terror to Western countries. Why? Is it so that they can justify their expensive war theater?

IMAGE: ‘The Burning of Babylon’ – ISIS has made a violent push through Turkey and the northeastern edge of Syria. Following NATO’s hostile intervention in Libya in 2011, we learned that AQIM had joined forces with the Al Qaeda-linked Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) – all of which are inexorably tied to the CIA and British intelligence agencies since Al Qaeda’s inception after the Soviet war in Afghanistan during the late 80’s (Photo irishmirror.ie)

The current terror creation ISIS, seems to have benefited from US, UK and  France with its FSA counterparts having received western military arms and training in Jordan. ISIS appears to have swallowed up large swaths of Iraq in violence, using it as brutal breeding ground to be pitted simultaneously against Syria and other Western targets such as Iran.

In the article entitled, “Al Qaeda and the War on Terrorism” from Professor Michel Chossudovsky, the Western intelligence infrastructure is fully exposed and in particular the role of the US:

The US intelligence apparatus has created it own terrorist organizations. And at the same time, it creates its own terrorist warnings concerning the terrorist organizations which it has itself created. Meanwhile, a cohesive multibillion dollar counterterrorism program “to go after” these terrorist organizations has been put in place.”

When you put Professor Chossudovsky’s thoughts into context with what routinely occurs when there is a sudden ‘lightening war’ in the Middle East, we see how Western operations benefit from their own nightmare fantasies of consolidation and control by increasing funding for the next branch of Al-Qaeda, while simultaneously appearing to condemn the group for its actions, calling for more profit-based war efforts through different alphabet programs and defense contracting work. This was evident in the Friend’s of Syria conference in Paris, supported by Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State, among others, where a violent Western backed campaign was outlined for Syria in July of 2012.

IMAGE:Something wicked this way comes’ –  Notice the spotless white athletic shoes – hardly combat-ready, or perhaps those of actors? Where are they really from? (Photo telegraph.co.uk)

The fact that Israel is kept in the shadows of media coverage regarding these events is telling. The Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham or ISIS, complete with masked identities, making advances since Israel’s air strikes on Syria, has appeared to have provided air coverage for the terrorists. An SCF Altai tanker delivered a large amount of Kurdish oil to Israel for the first time on June 20th, and many believe this is directly attributed to the terror controlled oil field’s in Iraq. An Israeli energy ministry declined to disclose a comment on the crude oil deal with the Kurdish Regional Government.

It should be stated also that Iraq has boycotted Israel and has no official oil contract with them.

 NATO’s Death Squads & ISIS Propaganda – Supported by the West

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan banned YouTube following a conversation that he had with The Head of Turkish Intelligence Hakan Fidan and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu that was leaked in March of 2014. International Business Times released the transcript of that conversation, which included creating a need for United Nations involvement by manufacturing a war:

The leaked call details Erdogan’s thoughts that an attack on Syria “must be seen as an opportunity for us [Turkey]”.

In the conversation, intelligence chief Fidan says that he will send four men from Syria to attack Turkey to “make up a cause of war”.

Deputy Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Yaşar Güler replies that Fidan’s projected actions are “a direct cause of war…what you’re going to do is a direct cause of war”.

Turkey’s foreign ministry said the leaked recording of top officials discussing the Syria operation was “partially manipulated” and is a “wretched attack” on national security.

Turkish Intelligence Head Fidan also added:

I’ll make up a cause of war by ordering a missile attack on Turkey; we can also prepare an attack on Suleiman Shah Tomb if necessary.”

The Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu followed that statement by suggesting they notify the “United Nations and the Istanbul Consulate of the Syrian regime.” 

Far from securing an Ottoman Empire tomb, this plot could be seen as Turkey’s direct involvement in the Syrian conflict through the north as ISIS continues its Western guided trail of blood, supporting the claims that the Iraqi government may call for NATO assistance, as geopolitical researcher and writer for the New Eastern Outlook, Tony Cartalucci has stated in an recent article entitled, “NATO’s Terror Hordes in Iraq a Pretext for Syria Invasion“:

The alleged territorial holdings of ISIS cross over both Syrian and Iraqi borders meaning that any campaign to eradicate them from Iraqi territory can easily spill over into Syria’s borders. And that is exactly the point. With ISIS having ravaged Mosul, Iraq near the Turkish border and moving south in a terror blitzkrieg now threatening the Iraqi capital of Baghdad itself, the Iraqi government is allegedly considering calling for US and/or NATO assistance to break the terror wave.

Adding to the pretext, ISIS, defying any sound tactical or strategic thinking, has seized a Turkish consulate in Mosul, taking over 80 Turkish hostages – serendipitously (or so it seems) giving Turkey not only a new pretext to invade northern Iraq as it has done many times in pursuit of alleged Kurdish militants, but to invade Syrian territory where ISIS is also based.”

Higher Oil Prices – Same Old Story

Incredibly, there have been reports of ISIS seizing some $429 million from the Mosul Central bank – yes that’s right, the same globalist owned and backed banking institutions you see throughout the world. Media reports have given the highly stylized terror group the perfect cover for future terror advances – now that we know they are heavily funded. Recently, it was suggested that ISIS may have taken over Iraq’s largest oil refinery after it was apparently abandoned in the town of Baiji. If this is the case, you can expect prices at the pump to skyrocket in the west and the US in particular, sparking fabricated fears of a gas shortage – the West will use the soaring gas rates as a pretext for larger military action, to try and gain public support through economic subterfuge.

Israel is Involved

On June 22nd, Israel launched airstrikes against Syria in what appears to have been cover for ISIS, with a fabricated story that Syria had sent a rocket to the Golan Heights border – a story which could only fly in Tel Aviv and Washington DC, but somehow that was enough. There has been zero evidence to suggest this rocket came from Syria or the Syrian government. In an SCG news release, they cautioned the danger of turning Syria and Iraq into rabid regions of extremist violence as well as the real motivations of Israel:

Israel’s continued attacks on the Syrian government are particularly bizarre considering the current context. With ISIS rapidly gaining influence in both Iraq and Syria (they just took 4 new towns in Iraq over the weekend), it would behoove Israel to consider what would actually happen if Assad fell. Do they actually want a rabid extremist group to establish an Islamic caliphate on their border?”

Obama’s Cash Injection for ‘ISIS Crisis’

Consider the uncanny timing of this recent ‘terror bailout’ by President Obama. In May of 2014, the Obama administration proposed a $5 billion dollar fund to be sent to Syrian rebels. It stands to reason that this money would have been funneled through to the Jordanian training facility which ISIS is linked too.

ISIS also has a savvy marketing department. It has also been released that social media donations supposedly through Twitter, have aided extremist radicals and outpaced a multiple nation collective that has given billions to fund terror outfits for decades. There has even been a merchandising angle, as ISIS or their sponsors, have been selling t-shirts, hoodies and action figurines for their apparent cause. Disgustingly, ISIS items can be purchased through CIA-front Facebook, creating a decidedly glossy-look to these violent radicals as their being pimped out like an MTV pop band online and phone ‘apps’ globally.

In addition, both Facebook and Twitter somehow allowed ISIS to use their platforms as a marketing springboard, showcasing beheadings, murders and other criminal imagery used for fundraising, and to recruit more foreign terrorists for the Syrian Civil War.

Here is a YouTube video from Red Pill Revolution displaying various media clips that ‘shed light’ on the role of the West in Iraq and the foreknowledge of an ISIS terror rise…

Watch how Western media continues to spin the information coming out of Iraq, Syria and Iran. Western backed proxy wars steer the type of propaganda we see in most major media outlets today…

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