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Basil Valentine: ‘The Perils of Being Mr. Charles Glucksberg’

BasilV-Avatar(1) Basil Valentine
21st Century Wire

 The vicissitudes of being an hereditary politician continue to confound our Charles

      As we have noted before on The Sunday Wire, the laziest, most meaningless insult in politics is to liken someone to Adolf Hitler, for we all remember the absurd way Saddam Hussein, Bashar al Assad, Slobodan Milošević, Muammar Gaddafi, Robert Mugabe, Kim Jung Il and Un, Hugo Chavez, and even Nigel Farage to a lesser degree these days (how long is this list? It’s anyone whom the establishment want out of the way permanently) – a seemingly endless string of Hitlers, all accused of being akin to the evil one as the propaganda machine was cranked up to overdrive to get the public to consent to the illegal wars and regime changes, like the Iraq War for instance. Suitable comparisons to the evil one could more easily include Tony Blair and George Bush.

The late Muammar Gadaffi, on the other hand, was apparently not like Hitler – according to  former Libyan Prime Minister Abdel-Salam Jalloud– because at least Hitler had the stones to top himself (Or did he? See Gerrard Williams’ excellent Grey Wolf for further study:  http://www.highfliersplc.com/product/556/).

PARTYING WITH THE ARMBAND: Henry Charles Albert David Schleswig- Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg.

Now Prince Charles has joined the Hitler comparison trade, reportedly having said to a Museum official in Canada “Now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler,” referring to Russia’s actions in Crimea – a comment described with well chosen words by Britain’s former ambassador to Russia, Sir Tony Brenton, as a “grotesque exaggeration” (surely they will want his knighthood back for criticizing the Prince? -Ed).
My outrage though is not at the remark itself, but at the fact that anyone is interested in what Charles Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (to use his father’s surname, like the rest of us) has to say.

The question I would like to ask readers is this: other than the British Royals, is there another family anywhere in the world whose members’ casual remarks can spark an international incident, have an ‘unofficial’ direct line into government, and yet whose status as un-sackable international celebrity politicians is due entirely to their hereditary birthright? They are a unique bunch.

Charles and Putin in happier times

Charles and Vladimir in obviously happier times.

 A macabre pantomime of the most repellent kind, the ‘Royal Family’ (come on, bow your head serf) maintains its hypnotic hold on weaker minds with ritual, pomposity and deception, all the while maintaining a unique capacity for crassness.

The Labour MP Mike Gapes, a current member and former chairman of the House of Commons foreign affairs committee, said the prince should have kept his views private. The Ilford South MP tweeted: “If Prince Charles wants to make controversial statements on national or international issues, he should abdicate and stand for election.”

 Judging by the turnout in the European Elections, he would probably get in, but at least then he would have a mandate for his hasty and ill judged remarks, and could at least claim to represent someone other than himself.

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