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The World’s Most Dangerous Drug Dealers

21st Century Wire says…

This ruthless drug cartel change laws in their favour, can overthrow governments at will, pays little or no taxown the US mainstream media, and routinely pay for the election campaigns of nearly every US politician in high office.

No, they are not from Colombia, Mexico or Afghanistan.

They are the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex cartel of international corporations, based in the US, UK and Germany and Switzerland.

They work with legions of bought-and-paid-for doctors and medical care providers – harvesting the souls of millions each day through pushing anti-depressant drugs on children and adults, and are killing people every day with products hardly tests and fast-tracked through a matador regulatory process

Drugging America into a stupor

Brasscheck TV

One hundred million people are on psychiatric drugs.

40 years ago, the use of psychiatric drugs was extremely rare and there was a real debate as to whether it was ethical to use them even on severely disturbed psychiatric patients.

Now, idiot school teachers and school administrators intimidate parents into putting their kids on these drugs. These drugs breed dependence, they are very difficult to get off of once on, and they are dangerous.

The pay day: One third of trillion dollars – every year

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue
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