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TSA Agents Use Drugs, Other Agent Shouts: “I am God, I am in charge!”

21st Century Wire says…

TSA: The cream of the crop. Not quite. More like the bottom of the barrel.

It seems everyone has a strange TSA story to tell these days, but this one was certainly interesting. Turns out that various and sundry TSA agents working at one of the world’s busiest international airports, Los Angeles LAX, have been arrested and fired this year for some interesting offenses – like lunacy, and testing positive for serious drug use.

A group of TSA agents were caught “using drugs after hours”, with at least one testing positive and getting the sack.


The TSA: Fighting terror since 2001.

The second incident was even more interesting. Airport police got a call to come deal with a madman roaming around the terminal shouting, “I am God. I am in charge!”, as innocent bystanders stood watching in horror. Turns out he was a TSA agent. He was apprehended and possibly taken into care for a psychological assessment shortly thereafter.

As 21WIRE reported last winter, LAX is definitely a strange place to work and would drive anyone mad, especially after the ‘mannequin’ terror attack/active shooter drill which took place there on November 1, 2013. It looked a lot like the Boston Bombing, sounded a lot like Sandy Hook. Not good. The production was so bad in fact, the media dropped its coverage after 5 days. Maybe it was because of this event that staff were driven towards hard drugs and going on delusional power trip-tirades.

How did it ever get this crazy? Blame it on bin Laden, right?

LAX Shooting: Sandy Hook-style triage mats are out for ariel shots. News coverage seemed impressive.

Oh, and here’s that TSA mannequin being pushed down the causeway at LAX back in November

More on gods and drugs…

Brasscheck TV

I have to say that most of my experience with TSA agents has been pretty good.

On the other hand, the ONLY place on the planet I’m routinely hassled is when I’m in in US airport’s and at US border crossings.

Why should this be so? Poor training, poor management and idiots at the top…

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