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BASIL VALENTINE: Why Do UKIP & Scottish Independence So Terrify the Globalists?

BasilV-Avatar(1)Basil Valentine
21st Century Wire

Hysterical language and smears hint at panic among the political class

In today’s Guardian, Simon Jenkins refers to a cross party plan to brand the United Kingdom Independence Party as racist.


Playing the race card is invariably a sign of desperation in British politics, and so it is in this case. Why? Well, UKIP stands every chance of humiliating the entire political class by coming top of the poll in the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament – a fabulously well paid talking shop devoid of any real power, all of which lies with the unelected (and even better paid) “European Commission”.

Were any other party to come top of the poll in any national election, this would be regarded as just the usual swing of the electoral pendulum, business as usual, the same old dog and pony show. But not with UKIP, hence the hysteria. It will be the first time since the emergence of the Labour Party a hundred years ago that a new party has one an election. Not surprising then that in the same ‘liberal’ newspaper, Hugh Muir has written an enormous hit piece detailing ten reasons why one shouldn’t vote for UKIP .


The hysteria around UKIP is less about what is says, than who and what it is. UKIP is a ramshackle collection of non-politicians who, like many British people, feel disenfranchised by the political class. They are conservative with a small ‘c’ and feel betrayed by those who lay claim to Conservatism ( with a capital C).

Unsurprisingly, they express all kinds of politically incorrect opinions. They are not members of the governing elite, apparatchiks who have risen through the ranks of their parties by saying yes to all the right people at all the right times.  UKIP, and its leader Nigel Farage, are most definitely not ‘on message’ with the Global elite’s pet project of a United States of Europe. Moreover, UKIP isn’t just independent in terms of its ambitions for the UK in Europe, it is independent of establishment control, and that is what terrifies the globalists more than anything else.

Equally terrifying to the control freaks is the prospect of an independent Scotland. A small, minor European country, it is simply bidding for a greater degree of self determination, not unlike the way the Baltic states asserted their independence after the break up of the Soviet Union. However, judging by the absolutely hysterical language coming from some of the foremost globalist spokesmen, either Scotland itself or the principles at stake in the upcoming referendum must of monumental importance for rarely has the language of debate been so exaggerated.

Robertson: So hysterically over the top its meaningless

Take ‘Lord’ George Robertson. A world class Globalist stooge, Robertson left big-time politics for a big oil business with US connections. Judging by what the former NATO Chief claims, the US is utterly displeased with Scotland’s preparations for the independence vote.’ He told an audience at the Brookings Institute, “What could possibly justify giving the dictators, the persecutors, the oppressors, the annexers, the aggressors and the adventurers across the planet the biggest pre-Christmas present of their lives by tearing the United Kingdom apart?” The dictators ? The persecutors ? Exactly how, George, is a referendum – arguably the most democratic plebiscite of all – a gift to the “forces of darkness” ?  He went to say Scottish independence would be “cataclysmic for the world” no less.

There you have it. Don’t fret about nuclear holocaust, a meteor strike or environmental catastrophe, the real catastrophe will be if the Scots get to issue their own passports and vote on how many radiators there should be in each primary school classroom. Robertson’s language is so over the top that he simply makes himself look idiotic, but he isn’t the only one, which makes one think there must be other factors in play.

America, as has been noted by Academics in a report widely ignored by the mainstream media, is creeping towards oligarchy…


and Britain is not far behind. Both UKIP and the Scottish Nationalists represent a threat to that oligarchy, being as they are genuine expressions of what remains of the democratic process. They cannot be so easily controlled, micromanaged or predicted. They are firm believers in the right of self determination and in de-centralised, disaggregated decision making. That’s why the establishment so despise them, and why they are so desperate to stop them.

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