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Partners in Crime: Masons, Fascists, CIA and the Vatican (and the rest)

21st Century Wire says…

The term ‘shadow government’ is no figment of conspiracy lore. It is a very real entity that moves across borders and overlaps with visible government, the judiciary, law enforcement and banking.

Robert Anton Wilson (1932 – 2007), was an American author, novelist, philosopher and pioneer of alternative research into the shadow government and exopolitics – among many other subjects. His style and charisma were indelible, as was his unique ability to sprinkles a dash of humor over some of the darkest, most hidden vignettes of modern history.

Long before the bottomless archives of the internet, Wilson was educating audiences about many things, like how a small group of men could take over a government without firing a shot…

In this great 3 part video of a lecture he filmed in Berkley, California, Wilson tells a story of the Kennedy hit, CIA and Vatican drug trafficking, Nazis who worked for the anti-Nazi resistance, Islamic assassins who worked for the Italian mafia, CIA agents who worked for the KGB and masonic lodge-mafia duel members.

Traitors, spies and shady bankers

Brasscheck TV

The CIA and organized crime have worked together for years.

Robert Anton Wilson tells the story…

But all that was just a warm up for his biggest exploit: taking over a western country.

See more of Wilson’s work here.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue
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