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Pentagon ‘Cutbacks’ Are Nothing More Than Theater in Push for Covert Warfare

21st Century Wire says…

We’re told there will be ‘winners and losers’ in the latest budget debate over Pentagon spending on Capitol Hill…

As far as we can tell the real losers in this eventual budgetary showdown will be the American taxpayers as the Pentagon looks to allocate more funds towards ‘special operations expenses‘ while also increasing their cyber warfare capabilities.

Special Forces Operators have been working at the behest of the CIA since the early 1950’s – usually in an ‘off the books’ manner.

The Department of Defense uses Special Operations units for clandestine activities after the CIA gathers its initial intel, later sending in the units when an area of conflict has been established.

IMAGE: Special Operations on the dark Pentagon Plug budget.

There was a reboot of the 60’s “Studies and Observation Group” manned by the CIA in 1998, the name was said to double for the Special Operations Group, allegedly for security reasons.

The United States has crafted the largest military ‘insanity’ complex that history has ever seen, concealing its spending habits and secret war games from the public’s eye, to the tune of trillions in unaccounted currency.

In a recent 21Wire article by James Hall it was reported that Jonathan Turley documented the lack of accounting through Pentagon Plugs:

A new report has detailed how the military has cooked the books to hide trillions, that’s right trillions, in missing money and equipment. The military calls them “plugs,” a curious term for fraud. These are knowingly fake figures used to hide the fact that there is no accurate record of the money.

The Washington Post recently got into the act by releasing a black budget report of their own, detailing the four main military spending categories with some 56% of the black budget allegedly dedicated to covert operations.

As the Capitol Hill theater campaign toils through the all to familiar strum and drang of government ineptitude, you’ll see the war mongering neocons use the 1940 level-army-size as a battle cry to secretly increase the security state in the name of national security.

Those on the left will most likely dutifully carry out their fraudulent agenda with the help of ‘old guards’ like Lindsay Graham and John McCain.

More from RT below…

IMAGE: An Air Force Special Operations weather team during an Emerald Warrior 2013 training exercise in Florida. The training is said to specialize in asymmetrical theater campaigns, urban warfare, taking intelligence gleaned from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

US military plans steep cutbacks, roils ranks

Russia Today

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s reported plan to scale back the US Army to its smallest numbers since World War II, as well as slashing pay and perks for service personnel, promises to be an uphill battle in Congress.

After more than a decade of fighting two protracted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US military is showing some wear and tear, at least on the budgetary front. In an effort to adhere to President Obama’s pledge of scaling back military operations abroad, compounded by the grim reality of austerity measures following years of prodigious spending, the epoch of expensive US overseas military occupations appears to have waned, according to the New York Times.

The Pentagon envisions a leaner fighting machine that will still be able to win wars, but without the massive military footprint now stamped across much of the planet. Indeed, the traditional foot soldiers of the Army and Marines appear to be taking a backseat to a military more streamlined for naval operations.

While the US Navy will be allowed to keep its 11 aircraft carrier fleets, the other forces will take it on the chin in terms of overall troop strength. The US Army, which went from a post-September 11 high of 570,000 troops to 490,000 today, will continue to drop to between 440,000 and 450,000 under Hagel’s proposal, which was leaked to the Times by anonymous Pentagon officials.

This would reduce the troop strength of the US Army to its lowest level since 1940.

Meanwhile, a number of weapon systems deemed impractical by today’s military realities are expected to be axed from the budget.

Among the military hardware set for retirement is the Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft, designed for destroying tanks in Western Europe at the height of the Cold War, as well as the U-2 spy plane, which is being replaced by the aerial drone Global Hawk.

At the same time, expenditures set aside for Special Operations and cyber warfare will not be affected by the cuts.

“You have to always keep your institution prepared, but you can’t carry a large land-war Defense Department when there is no large land war,” one senior Pentagon official told the US daily.

“We’re still going to have a very significant-sized Army,” the official added. “But it’s going to be agile. It will be capable. It will be modern. It will be trained.”

In its effort to balance its books while still fielding a battle-worthy fighting force, unpopular personnel cuts also will be an inevitable part of the trimming process.

The proposed spending overhaul is intended to conform with the Bipartisan Budget Act – agreed upon by President Obama and Congress in December – that places a cap on military spending at around $496 billion for fiscal year 2015.

More from RT here

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