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1984 vs 2014: ‘George Orwell was an optimist’

21st Century Wire says…

The scale and scope of data collection and profiling being carried out by US, British and other intelligence agencies is on a level that the great visionary George Orwell could not have possibly imagined. In this way, Orwell comes off a looking like some sort of optimist.

Although we have been highly critical of TED as a globalist, collectivist, transhumanist and neoliberal softball talking shop, occasionally TED does host a speaker or two that is right on the money.

The video below is one instance of a TED presentation given by Finnish computer security expert, Mikko Hypponen (image, left), that absolutely challenges the corporate and government establishment line – putting to bed any questions about just how criminal and destructive the NSA and GCHQ digital dragnet really is.

The first step is really understanding what it is we are up against, and then know what we can do about it…

They know they are surveilling innocent people

Brasscheck TV

A talk by Mikko Hypponen at TED in Belgium. 

Take away quotes: 

“Intelligence agencies are completely out of control and need to be brought back under control.”

“Privacy is the foundation of democracy and freedom.”

Communications made via Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Apple etc. – have all been compromised. Yet, these companies deny that it’s happened. 

There are two options: Either they’ve been hacked, or they’re lying…

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue