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‘Live 8’ – The Elite’s Festival of Deception

21st Century Wire says…

In 2005, Sir Bob Geldof and his elite cronies pulled off one the biggest media illusions in history.

If was an incredible weekend in July 2005, beginning with the latest African appeal PR campaign, ‘Make Poverty History’ coupled with the music event, ‘Live 8’, followed by the G8 Summit at Gleneagles, and finally, punctuated by the contrived 7/7 London terrorist bombings.

Geldof boast of how he had raised over $60 billion through his giant global music event, but later it’s discovered that only $6 billion had been raised, and even then – it’s not completely clear how much of this alleged cash actually constituted materials or relief on the ground in Africa… but international record companies received billions in free marketing and exposure for their artists – resulting a massive bump in sales.

The world hoodwinked, again.

Starsuckers: Killing Africans with Pop Star Kindness

Brasscheck TV

We are serious when we say this is one of the most important documentaries made in the last 25 years. Not only will it help you understand the world you live it, it will help you and your loved ones protect yourselves from it. Essential viewing…

You can order the documentary Starsuckers on DVD directly from Amazon. 

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue