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The FBI’s Secret Game of Social Engineering and Hollywood’s ‘Super Snitch’ Reagan

21st Century Wire says…

From it’s inception in the early 1930’s to the present day, most of the FBI’s role in American life has been conducted in secret and in the shadows.

From J. Edgar Hoover to Reagan, the modern political history of American can be traced simply by opening old FBI files.

Few are aware of President Ronald Reagan’s lifelong relationship with the FBI. Among Reagan’s shadow duties in Hollywood and as California governor, were informing on fellow actors, Hollywood union busting, ‘red scare’ opportunism, and helping the agency to break up student protests. It’s also interesting to note how the FBI and their man Reagan were instrumental in introducing tuition fees to California’s higher education system.

Even though 21WIRE still regards the media outlet Democracy Now! as a mostly partisan news source heavily aligned with the left-wing of America’s Democratic Party, the segment below is still very informative, and more than anything demonstrates that we really don’t know who is working for who in America’s Secret State. What two-dimensionally challenged reporters like Amy Goodman (see video below) fail to ask, is why did Reagan begin informing for the FBI in the first place? In other words, what did the prince of dirt, J. Edgar Hoover, have on Ronald Reagan? A lot of rumours still circulate about what Reagan got up to during his Hollywood years, including bizarre sex parties and the like – and it would have been a shame for The Gipper had any of that been photographed or filmed. Wink, nod…

This is why the “powers that be” were comfortable with Reagan in the White House

Brasscheck TV

“Fox News and its owner Rupert Murdoch love the guy and tries to present him as a statesmen…”

More information on this part of history in Seth Rosenfeld’s, “Subversives: The FBI’s War on Student Radicals, and Reagan’s Rise to Power”.

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