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LATEST: Photo that ‘proves’ Hitler lived to 95 with his Brazilian lover

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21st Century Wire says…

Not a week goes by it seems without some claim, or sighting of an elderly Nazi Führer, usually in South America.

Last year, 21WIRE explored the strong probability that Hitler had finally hung up his jack boots at the age of 73 in Argentina in 1962, dying alone, in bed on a respirator – as was recounted by individual eye-witness testimonies in the book and documentary, Grey Wolf.

Still, the stories and revelations keep coming, and this latest one is as bizarre as any other. According to this latest story, ‘The Old German’ as he was known by the locals, took a black lover in Mato Grosso, Brazil, and lived to ripe old age of 95, under the alias, “Adolph Leipzig”.

Some are calling for the exhumation of his body in order to conduct DNA testing to confirm the true identity of ‘The Old German’.

See photo taken with his Brazilian lover below…

Gareth Morgan
Express Newspaper

The evil dictator fled to Paraguay, via Argentina, before settling in a small town in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, according to a shocking new book.

Hitler is said to have used the assumed name of Adolf Leipzig and was known to the 12,000 locals in Nossa Senhora do Livramento as “the Old German”.

The man at the centre of the controversial claim is pictured, two years before his death in 1984, posing happily with his black girlfriend Cutinga.

Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias, who wrote Hitler in Brazil – His Life and His Death, claims he was in the area hunting for buried treasure using a map given to him by friends withing the Vatican.

She insists that Hitler was using his lover Cutinga to hide his true identity as a vile Aryan supremacist.

Simoni, a Brazilian jew, refuses to accept that the Fuhrer shot himself in his Berlin bunker on April 30 1945. She is demanding that Leipzig’s remains be exhumed and his DNA tested tested against living relatives of Hitler.

She told local journalists: “I just laughed at first, I thought it was a joke. Today I’m convinced it is true and Adolf Hitler didn’t end up here by chance.”

Simoni spent two years in the small town near the Bolivian border, which was founded during an 18th century gold rush, investigating her oddball theory.

She has linked the Fuhrer’s alleged arrival in the area to a Vatican offer of ownership rights over buried Jesuit treasure in a cave near his adopted home.

And she claims that he chose the surname of Leipzig because it was the birthplace of Hitler’s favourite composer, Bach…

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