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The Illusion of Democracy in the 21st Century – John Judge from 1989

21st Century Wire says…

“Let’s vote for what we want, not what they are offering us…”

Brasscheck TV

There are two Americas: the people who run the place and the people who supposedly live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Anyone paying attention knows that it’s neither and that the people “at the top” when they’re not devising schemes to rip off the country or other parts of the world, are working overtime to keep their biggest threat in check.

Who is the biggest threat the the “American People”? Why it’s American people of course. Free thinking, clear minded, well informed Americans were more dangerous than the Soviet Army and more dangerous than a cave full of al Qaeda boogeymen.

Listen to visionary John Judge (photo, above) from this interview recorded from back in 1989…

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