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Kanine Terrorist Grounds Flight: Blind man and guide dog kicked off plane – passengers leave with him

21st Century Wire

US Airways staff managed to thwart a potential terror attack this week by the most unlikely of extemists…

Al Qaeda cell: Guide dogs threaten airline staff.

U.S. Airways health and safety thugs kicked blind man Albert Rizzi and his guide dog off of a flight from Philadelphia to Long Island, prompting the other passengers to leave the plane in solidarity, opting instead for a 3 hour bus journey instead, CBS New York reports.

The flight crew became terrified by the harmless Golden Retriever, after it began barking when vibrations from the engine firing up irritated the pup.


Rizzi explains, “We were on the ground for over an hour and 45 minutes waiting to take off and the dog became a little disgruntled, agitated because of the vibrations of the plane and inched out from under the seat and was under my legs.”

“The woman came back again and said ‘the dog has to be under the seat, we’re not going to take off until you get that dog under the seat.'”

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue