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RFK: CIA fingerprints all over his assassination

21st Century Wire says…

What? The CIA might be corrupt and involved in an assassination?

The cover-up continues to this day…

No LAPD protection for Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel in Southern California. In fact, they weren’t even in the neighborhood.

But at least two CIA assassination experts were in the audience that night and a CIA man was given control over the LAPD homicide investigation.

So why do people still fall for the lone gunman theory again? 

“There’s no question in my mind that elements of the CIA were involved”

Brasscheck TV

The most disinterested emergency dispatcher in history…

It’s hard to imagine how a public event with this high a profile could take place without at least some police presence. But this recording shows it clearly. Not only were there no police at the event providing security, the hotel had to convince the police to send police to the scene.

But there were plenty of CIA agents there that night – some with overseas assassination experience – in the audience.

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