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Retail Facial Recognition Technology Will Track Customers at UK Petrol Stations

21st Century Wire says…

Will this new retail facial recognition tracking system also be accessed by the surveillance-mad British government, or a government data mining contractor at some point in the future?

UK Supermarket giant Tesco is rolling out what its own management describe as ‘Minority Report technology’ at its mini mart petrol stations across the UK. They claim it’s to “improve the customer experience”. Really?

Are they that out of touch with the public backlash over the Snowden Affair, or are the banking on the a naive public? Either way, this means more surveillance, more tracking, and less privacy.

Another imp has been let out of Pandora’s Box…

‘One of the world’s largest retailers, British supermarket chain Tesco, is planning to install facial recognition technology to improve its advertising strategy. Privacy campaigners are concerned about the program which identifies customers to target them with customized ads based on their age and gender.’

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue