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What Happened to Constitutional Activist Ernest ‘General’ Lee?

21st Century Wire says…

An incident took place on Saturday evening…. 

RV-fire-KCEarly reports were that a flare may have been planted in the engine. Apparently, the vehicle’s occupants escaped ‘within an inch of their lives.’

According to local law enforcement in greater Kansas City, a police report is pending, and more information should be available on details of the incident as soon as a statement is released (TBA).

Is the establishment targeting this American patriot? This activist believes he has a remedy to protect the American people from an out of control Federal government. Perhaps some people do not want his message to gain any steam.

Considering he is on the road, changing locations daily, this threat to Ernest Lee could be serious, sophisticated and organized, and one can only imagine where these attacks may be coming from.

More details from BIN below…

Before It’s News

When Activism Becomes Deadly

Ernest “General” Lee, the man who was thrust into the media spotlight as one of the lead organizers for the trucker protest this past October, and is who is now traveling across the country calling for an Article-V Convention, had a near fatal attempt made against his life and the life of those riding along with him in his RV on Saturday, November 16, 2013, in Kansas City Missouri.

The General explained that he was attempting to make a turn when he heard a loud hissing noise as the engines stalled.  Everyone exited the RV and saw right away a fire had started in the engine.  The group observed something fall out of the the engine onto the ground and roll out onto the pavement. Watch first video:

When police arrived on the scene they identified the object as a possible road flare that had fallen out of the engine compartment.  Fire dispatch arrived ten minutes after the initial call for help and as General Lee put it, “They were nine minutes too late”.

According to General Lee, the investigation team in Kansas City is reporting it may have been more than one road flare shoved into the engine compartment that caused that amount of damage so quickly. Watch second video:

General Lee says, this attempt has set him back a little but that he has no plans to let it stop him. He intends to move onward.

Along with clothing and personal effects the team lost everything, including laptops vital to their mission.  A donor stepped forward and donated an RV to get the general and his crew back on the road.

One thing is sure, legitimate activists have been coming under attack as of late.

Multiple attempts have been made to infect top alternative media personalities and activist with email attachments containing child porn. Some of these criminals are even going so far as to hack into the computers of activists they don’t like, gaining passwords to their personal online accounts so they can create fake documents. The documents are then used to back up their online claims of that person being corrupt. Now it looks like it might have gone so far as attempted murder.

The General added that, ” Had we been sleeping when that timer went off, everyone in the RV would be dead.”

(…) Obviously, General Lee (photo, left) would be the perfect target because of the attention he has received while participating in the Trucker Protest, his work with the 1,000 Mile March and Convention of States. He is a man with the charisma and voice of a true leader. The establishment rightly fear men like General Lee.

Historically, men like Lee meet with untimely and suspicious “accidents” that are never explained.  Lee is a real threat because he is revolutionary in his thinking, and the people who fear voices like the General’s, will do whatever it takes to shut those voices up.

This is the story of a real patriot who has given up everything because he believes in the  principals on which this country was founded.

“All that’s necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Videos of the near fatal fire, updates, and donation information, can be found here (Facebook Page).

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