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Glenn Beck Throws ‘Maverick’ John McCain Under the Bus Over Obamacare Comments

21st Century Wire says…

1-John-McCain-CrazyGlenn Beck launched into a full frontal attack on Senator John McCain (R-AZ) over his surreal flip-flopping on Obamacare this week.

It’s great to see that Beck has finally recognized what we have been saying for a while now – that McCain is probably not fit for office anymore.

Beck labelled McCain “a lousy Senator”, and “a wacko bird” for his wanting to jump on the new bandwagon of legislators finally calling for the repeal the disastrous train wreck bill…

The Blaze

Glenn Beck tore into Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain Thursday over new comments he made about repealing Obamacare that were at odds with statements he made in September.

Beck said more than once that he couldn’t decide whether McCain is a “dirtbag weasel” or a “weasel dirtbag.”

Speaking on his radio program, Beck said that when GOP Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were fighting to repeal the legislation a number of weeks ago, McCain said such a goal was “not rational.” Cruz, Lee, and anyone who supported their efforts were called everything from “anarchists” to “terrorists” (though not necessarily by McCain).

But Beck said now that “the lousy senator from Arizona” has seen how “the political winds have changed,” he wants to jump on the bandwagon…

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