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Nixon aide Roger Stone’s claim: LBJ arranged the murder of JFK

21st Century Wire says…

Not known as a man of high moral character, Roger Stone (photo, left) a former White House aide to Richard Nixon, has made some surprising claims in his latest book – released just in time for the anniversary of the assassination of US president John F. Kennedy. But don’t shoot the messenger just yet…

Claiming this to be right from Nixon’s mouth, the former White House sewer rat, now reformed truth teller Stone is pinning the hit on the man who took over Kennedy’s office… Lyndon B. Johnson. 

He also makes a claim for an LBJ motive:

“Johnson, Stone claims, was facing media and Senate corruption investigations that threatened to end his career and land him in jail, which he avoided by becoming president. “The assassination cut him free from all of his previous sins” 

As the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination approaches on Nov. 22nd, expect to see a tidal wave of information build over the next 10 days – some of it genuine and interesting, and some of it purely designed to cash-in while somehow reinforcing the status quo. Is this latest admission a move by Roger Stone to wash away his litany of past sins? There may be redemption yet for Stone in all of this.

The verdict on White House dirty trickster Roger Stone’s book: it’s a bit of both. LBJ may be been a beneficiary of JFK’s death, but there are powers who pull the strings of LBJ – and Stone gets us no closer to those important answers here.

Nonetheless, it becomes part of the JFK conversation this week…


Richard Nixon ‘told aide’ LBJ had Kennedy killed

Tom Harnden
The Australian

Stone, 61, who worked for Nixon for 15 years and served as his personal aide after he resigned the presidency in 1974 over the Watergate scandal, said Nixon made clear to him and other aides his belief that Johnson, Kennedy’s Texan vice-president, was behind the plot. “The first time I asked him, he looked at me and said, ‘You don’t want to know’,” Stone said in an interview. “He didn’t like to talk about what he considered old times, but when he’d had a couple of cocktails he got very loquacious. Another time he got a very cold look in his eye and he said, ‘Texas. Texas’.”

Stone said Nixon described the Warren Commission as “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated”, telling him: “The difference between LBJ and me was we both wanted to be president but I wouldn’t kill for it.”

Nixon made similar statements, Stone says, to John Mitchell, his attorney-general, who was jailed for Watergate crimes, and Nicholas Ruwe, his assistant chief of protocol. Both have been dead for more than two decades.

Stone believes Oswald – who was shot dead by Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner, while being transferred in police custody after his arrest – was a patsy arranged by the CIA and that Kennedy’s real killer was Malcolm Wallace, a convicted murderer.

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