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Ed Snowden Ready to Testify in Angela Merkel Phone Hacking Inquiry

21st Century Wire

First of all, it’s not phone tapping – it’s phone hacking.

The US and the UK believe the have a right to phone hack everyone, and do so in secret.

The media are also in on it – they want the public to believe that phone tapping’ by governments is somehow not as bad as “phone hacking” by Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper staff. We say the former is worse, because we can take Rupert Murdoch to court, but we can’t take the government to court over their unconstitutional and illegal activities.

Spying on adversarial governments is one thing, but phone hacking heads of state by the NSA is akin to putting spyware on your partner’s cell phone – a some point (like right now), all trust goes out the door…

Kashmira Gander
The Independent

Edward Snowden has said he is willing to visit Germany to help investigate the alleged US surveillance of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

German politician Hans-Christian Stroebele, who is widely regarded as a political maverick, met with the American fugitive and former US spy agency contractor in Moscow on 31 October.

He told the country’s broadcaster ARD that it was clear Snowden “ knew a lot” and was prepared to share details of their meeting and a letter addressed to the German government and chief federal prosecutor.

The pair appeared in a photo on Stroebele’s Twitter account and ARD showed images of them shaking hands before their three-hour long meeting.

“He made it clear he knows a lot and that as long as the National  Security Agency (NSA) blocks investigations, he is prepared to come to Germany and give testimony, but the conditions must be discussed,” said Stroebele…

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