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Syrian FM: ‘We intend to reclaim the Golan that Israel is occupying’

21st Century Wire says…

If you look at what the Israeli Project has done since its inception in 1947, you will know that its number one objective is, was, and always will be: to increase its land holdings.

If you consider what most Israeli-backed think tanks in Washington and Britain were saying – that a US-led strike on Syria should be used to ‘take out’ Syria’s air force and air defense systems – then you might guess that one of Israel’s prime objectives would be to take advantage of the chaos which would ensue in Syria, in order to eliminate its military rival and maybe acquire some additional land in the disputed Golan Heights area.

Israel seized the Golan Heights from Syria in the closing stages of the 1967 Six-Day War, but after a string of theatrical promises to return the stolen land, Syria was left with a fraction of the land and a UN mandated ceasefire zone in part of the area ever since 1974. In 2010, Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman announced that Syria could kiss goodbye any dreams of recovering the Golan Heights. Of course, Israel wants all of it – and more (if the opportunity arises).

In the case of the Golan Heights, Israel has no actual claim to the land, but is not deterred, as they truly believe that they will make better use of it – therefore, it’s perfectly justified that they take it. Never mind international laws and norms – Israel makes its own rules, and ignores those they don’t like.

Of course, Israelis will tell you that whatever they take is theirs, and give the following reasons to justify their annexations:

1. God gave it to them.
2. They took it, therefore it’s theirs.
3. They needed it as a ‘security buffer zone’.
4. Regarding Palestinians: they do not deserve to stay on their own land.

It’s no surprise that Israel has ignored scores of UN resolutions regarding their colonial march to cleanse their land of the native Palestinian population.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem’s fighting words will most certainly be seized on by Israeli hard-liners as war talk – surprise, surprise. Land-grabbing Israel will then claim its right to ‘defense itself’…

Israel National News

Well over 100,000 people may have died in his country in the civil war that has ranged for the past several years, but for Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem and the government of President Bashar al-Assad, there is only one problem fit to be discussed at the UN: Israel.

Speaking at the General Assembly Monday, Muallem made a passing reference to the civil war, before aiming his verbal sword at Syria’s neighbor to the south.

“The events in my country do not cause us to lose our way,” Muallem said. “We intend to reclaim the Golan that Israel is occupying.”

Israel, Muallem said, was the cause of most of the trouble in the Middle East, hinting that it was one of the forces behind the “foreign rebels” he and Assad say are attempting to unseat the Syrian leader. He also demanded that Israel give up any weapons of mass destruction it may have.

“Now that Syria is joining the international ban on chemical weapons, we stress that removing weapons of mass destruction from the Middle East will not be possible unless Israel participates,” he said. Over the weekend, Assad said that Syria didn’t need chemical weapons anymore, as it now had weapons of mass destruction that were much more powerful for use against Israel.

In his speech, Muallem also praised the apparent warming of relations between Iran and the U.S.

“We hope that this opening will lead to a true improvement of relations between the two countries,” he said.

Last Friday, U.S. President Barack H. Obama conducted a phone conversation with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, with the two discussing mutual relations and plans for negotiations on the regulation of Iran’s nuclear program.

On the question of Syria’s use of chemical weapons during the civil war, Muallem said that if anyone in the country used them, it was not Assad’s army.

“We in the government were the ones against chemical weapons use, and we were the ones who asked for an international panel to determine which group was behind its use,” he said.

Regardless, he added, Syria would keep its word on disarming from chemical weapons. “We are a country that is known to keep its word,” he said. “I assure you that Syria will observe all international agreements and work with international agencies against the spread of chemical weapons,” he added.

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