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Syrian Puppet Opposition Gov Accuse Assad of Transferring WMDs to Hezbollah

21st Century Wire says…

No doubt egged on by the US-UK-Franco Axis – and with no evidence to back up its claim, Syria’s offshore western-backed puppet ‘Opposition’ government-in-waiting has accused Bashar al Assad of transferring chemical weapons to Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Sounds like a familiar play.

Incredibly, even the Israelis are not touching this one. That should tell you something.

Before the Obama-Cameron-Hollande plan for a fast-track attack totally collapsed three weeks ago, this accusation would have been done by the likes of elite water carriers like John Kerry or William Hague, but since being publicly humiliated diplomatically by overwhelming evidence of a ‘rebel’ false flag chemical attack and by Russia’s impressive diplomatic calculus (sorry to steal Obama’s favourite new word), the western Axis powers have been left with no choice but to get the foreign-based Syria western-funded Puppet Opposition to do their PR mudslinging for them.

This is probably the first sensible strategy deployed by the west thus far, because at least these false accusations will not directly affect their credibility as an objective observer, which at present, is hovering somewhere alongside North Korea.

Nasrallah: Accusation is “laughable”.

Reuters reports…

‘Hezbollah denies receiving chemical weapons from Syria’

(Reuters) – Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah denied on Monday that his group had received chemical weapons from Syria.

Last month, members of the “Syrian National Coalition” opposition group accused President Bashar al-Assad of transferring chemical weapons to the Lebanese Shi’ite group to avoid inspection after agreeing to put them under international control.

“This accusation is truly laughable,” Nasrallah said in a televised speech. “We understand the dimensions and background of these accusations, and these have dangerous consequences for Lebanon.

“We decisively and conclusively deny these accusations which have absolutely no basis in truth.”

Syria has agreed to give up its chemical weapons under a plan agreed by the United States and Russia after Western powers blamed Assad’s government for a chemical attack that killed hundreds of people in a Damascus suburb last month.

Israel’s commander on the frontier with Syria, Major-General Yair Golan, said this month that Hezbollah sought precision ground-to-ground rockets, anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles from Syria in return for helping Assad, but “as far as we can tell” it did not want his chemical weapons.

Nasrallah called for a political solution in Syria and urged Sunni powers Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Gulf Arab countries that have backed the rebels to “review their positions”.

“A gamble on a military resolution and on military success is a losing and destructive gamble,” he said…

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