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BREAKING: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was ‘denied travel’ over US airspace

21st Century Wire says…

Venezuelan President  Nicolas Maduro was denied travel over Puerto Rico’s airspace…

Remember it was Maduro that was prepared to open his country’s door to Edward Snowden during the spy-chase early this summer, citing international humanitarian violations during a speech in Caracas: 

“I announce to the friendly governments of the world that we have decided to use international humanitarian rights to protect Snowden from the persecution that the world’s most powerful empire has unleashed against a young person who has told the truth.”

Maduro had also been very outspoken about the treatment of Bolivian President Evo Morales after the US State Department grounded his plane looking for Snowden back in July.

Was the US State Department responsible for this latest air travel incident?

More to come…

US denied Venezuelan president travel through its airspace – Caracas

Russia Today

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua told media that an aircraft carrying President Nicolas Maduro was denied travel over Puerto Rico’s airspace.


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