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UK Column Live: Sarin attack, chemical attack, no attack? West back-pedalling on Syria

21st Century Wire says…

UK Column Live is back on schedule this week…

Yesterday, the media were certain that 1,300 have died in a ‘chemical attack’ near Damascus in Syria, and already today that charge is receding rapidly, with more ambiguous ‘evidence’ and confusion from the mainstream press and the political bag men.

Also, Israel launched an air strike on Lebanon, supposedly in retaliation for 3 rockets which were fired into Israel by a fringe group “linked to al Qaeda”. Many feel that Israel is perhaps attempting to stoke up more sectarian division inside Lebanon with its latest illegal military action. Was it a false flag? Also, they cover the latest DHS/FBI “Iranian uranium” sting in the US this week.

Henningsen also breaks down the facade of noted ‘climate skeptics’ Christopher Booker, Christopher Monckton, and Nigel Lawson – who are all openly shilling for the fracking industry. Co-host Mike Robinson also reveals some new exclusive shocking footage of police aggression against Anti-Fracking protesters in Balcombe, West Sussex, England.

At the end of the program, host Brian and Patrick also reveal the existence of an extemely rare and unusual fish recently caught in off the Devon coast…

UK Column

Brian Gerrish and Patrick Henningsen with a news update from the UK Column, including the media backtrack on the Syrian “chemical weapons” attack; Israel bombs Lebanon; Tam Dalyell calls for Tony Blair to be sent to the Hague; and richest 200 people own more of the world’s wealth than the poorest 3.5 billion…




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