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Princess Diana taken out by SAS hit squad: Cops probing latest ‘sensational’ claim by black-ops soldier

21st Century Wire says…

If you thought this one was dead and buried at the inquest stage, you can think again…

The fight for the truth about the death of Princess Diana took a surprising turn this weekend when a former SAS black-ops soldier let slip how his hit squad was behind the murder of the Princess.

Expect this latest bombshell to be relegated to the annals of conspiracy theory lore, and for the said soldier’s testimony to written off by mainstream pundits as mere Walter Mitty nonsense.

In 2007-2008, as with all inquests in Britain, the Diana Affair was dragged on, and on – with endless delays and diversions, which caused the investigation to lose precious traction in the press, thus dampening its potency in media terms. For those behind the murder, the failed inquest was ‘mission accomplished’.

The Establishment has employed similar tactics before – Dr. David Kelly being another example of a similar long, drawn out Inquest, which ended in a media whimper – but left so many important questions unanswered. It’s all about the “process being seen to work”.

Basil Valentine, contributor to 21WIRE, believes the Establishment will use austerity as a cover for inaction on any further inquiries, explaining, “You can see the talking points being spun already, highlighting the cost of the Diana Inquest and then using this to deflect any talk of reopening the investigation on the grounds that the public simply cannot afford to spend any more money of this story.”

The Mirror reports this latest revelation on Diana and Dodi’s untimely deaths…

The allegation emerged at the second court martial of Sergeant Danny Nightingale, who was found guilty of illegally possessing a gun and ammunition

Sunday People

Police are investigating a sensational claim that the SAS was involved in the death of Princess Diana, reports Sean Rayment.

The allegation emerged at the second court martial of Sergeant Danny Nightingale, who was found guilty of illegally possessing a gun and ammunition.

It came in a letter to the elite unit’s commanding officer by the parents-in-law of a special forces sniper, known only as ‘Soldier N’, who was Sgt Nightingale’s former housemate and a key witness for the prosecution.

The letter said Solider N boasted the SAS “was behind Princess Diana’s death”.

The Ministry of Defence, the Royal Military Police and the Service Prosecuting Authority have known of its existence and the claim since it was sent in September 2011.

The seven-page hand-written letter – a copy of which has been seen by the Sunday People – also makes allegations over Soldier N’s behaviour towards his wife and her family following the collapse of the couple’s marriage.

It is understood that the SAS passed the letter to the Service Prosecuting Authority prior to the start of the Sgt Nightingale trial.

All references to the paramilitary force were removed by the SPA before it released the document to the court.

The letter says: “He (Soldier N) also told her (his wife) that it was the XXX who arranged Princess Diana’s death and that has been covered up.”

Scotland Yard said: “The Metropolitan Police Service is scoping information that has recently been received in relation to the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed and assessing its relevance and credibility.

“The assessment will be carried out by officers from the Specialist Crime and Operations command.”…

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