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Shilling for Petri Dish Cloned Cow Burgers is Insane and Dangerous

JLJason Liosatos
21st Century Wire
Guest Columnist

Science is a surgeons scalpel which can do good or terrible harm in the wrong hands, and our scientists working in the realm of cloning are like children playing with a nuclear reactor, and we had better be very worried.

Cloned, man made burgers from cloned cow muscle is the latest Frankenstein’s monster idea from our power crazed scientists, tampering with nature again, who tell us they will save the planets food shortage problems by creating food in laboratories, from little pieces of dead cows, making other little pieces of dead cows in a petri dish. In truth there is no food shortage problem globally, there is enough food for everyone, the problem is the financial system, and corruption which controls the food and not the potential to grow and create enough of it.

Unfortunately the controlled, gullible laboratory rats are this time made up of humanity, the enthusiastic masses who will eat virtually anything that the scientist gods tell them is good for them, be it GMO, cloned cow meat, Sharks Fin soup, ground Rhino Horns, or Monkey brains. It is a very worrying trend that we believe that the scientists are the soothsayers for humanity, and it is very obvious to any half awake person that this ‘technology’ is going to return to plague the inventor and the masses who eat it, in the form of feedback loops and consequences that may be too horrific to even imagine.

There is no doubt that when scientists have the audacity to play god, or nature, they become like children in a nuclear reactor, with neither the knowledge or the responsibility to put themselves in charge, or at the helm of actions and outcomes that could seriously threaten humanity. Cows or human life were not created to be meddled with in a petri dish by scientists who know nothing about the results of their magical tricks that bloat their egos and superiority. “Tamper with me at your peril” nature warns us, because it is definitely not safe to intervene in the building blocks of nature.

Science can be a great tool, but is like a surgeons scalpel that can both heal or destroy if in the wrong hands. Money corrupts, and exacerbates ethical compromises, and time will tell us that the madness of playing creator with animal and human stem cells is motivated, as usual, by money and greed, not compassion and wisdom. We can hardly tie our own shoe laces up, or live without fighting and war, never mind be responsible enough to play creator in the petri dish growing our own cows.

Why on earth would we eat simulated, test tube, cloned, man made cow muscle burgers that are a disaster for health and humanity, when we can eat a healthy vegetable burger?

Jason Liosatos is host of Global Peace Radio, and author of the book, The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings. Find out more information about him at www.jasonliosatos.com.

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