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Israel the likely culprit for drone attack over Egypt’s border

21st Century Wire says…

Encouraged by the lack of any international response against its unprovoked air strikes in Syria, Israel has apparently gone rogue again – this time hitting neighboring Egypt, in what looks like a little ‘test the waters’ operation.

This one smells very fishy indeed…

Now it should be common knowledge by now that the CIA, Mossad and other state agencies are managing jihadist fighting groups in various parts of the globe, in what is referred to as ‘controlled opposition’. Here is another likely, and brilliant example of how this game works out in the field…

In Egypt’s Sinai region, you have a nice little conclave which the western media refers to as “a militant organization with alleged links to al-Qaeda”. This merry little band of brothers openly claims they were planning to launch their glorified roman candles over the Egyptian border into Israel – when, like clockwork, an Israeli drone wipes them out. No one wants to claim credit for the drone strike either.

To mainstream media news desk regurgitators, this tidy narrative makes perfect sense. But then you ask yourself (as you always should), who benefits from the outcome in this situation?

It’s hard to tell what’s what anymore – too much cloak and dagger, too many jihadist cells running around being managed by who knows who. Take a deep breath, switch on the kettle…

This type of incident could serve up two purposes. The first is to empower Israeli dominion along the Sinai border, like the US has with its drones along the Afghan-Pakistani border.

The second to demonstrated that these dubious Islamic terrorists roaming around the Sinai represent an anti-Egyptian government, jihadist faction operating freely within Egypt, which looks bad on Cairo.

And of course, you have the usual neated pressed, off-the-peg, CIAesque managed jihadi internet statement after the fact: “Our heroes became martyrs during their jihadist mission against the Jews”, (see full story below).

Or we could be totally wrong and these are perfectly normal garden variety terrorists who aren’t very clever and like launching “deadly” large toy rockets into Israel for no reason other than to provoke IDF retaliation. Moreover, Israel would never wage war by deception, would they? Oy vey! You can decide for yourself…

You can’t blame the Washington Post or anyone else for getting this wrong. Too much cloak and dagger, too many jihadists running amok, and way too many drones…

Judging by their behavior towards their neighbors over the past 65 years, increasing its land holdings and annexing ‘security strips has been the sole function of the Israeli state

Look for Israel to take full advantage of the instability in Egypt for one reason, one reason only – angling for an opportunity to annex part of Egypt’s Sinai peninsula in some sort of ‘security buffer zone’ project.

This exact same agenda would also apply to the contested Golan Heights region in Syria – use the instability to claim land for security reasons, because after all – “Israel has a right to defend itself”. If you are unsure of how this works, just ask the Palestinians, or the Lebanese. They’ll explain it.

Remember these three works: problem, reaction, solution…

Militant group in Sinai accuses Israel of deadly drone strike

William Booth
Washington Post

CAIRO — A militant organization with alleged links to al-Qaeda announced Saturday that four of its members — “the best jihadists in Sinai” — were killed in a mysterious explosion along Egypt’s border with Israel on Friday.

The group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis posted a statement on a jihadist Web site claiming that its members were preparing to fire rockets from a launchpad in Egypt across the border into Israel when they were attacked by an Israeli drone.

“Our heroes became martyrs during their jihadist mission against the Jews,” said the statement, which named the four men, members of a Sinai tribe.

At a funeral Saturday, four bodies were draped in black flags with scripture from the Koran, according to photos from the scene.

Neither Israeli nor Egyptian military officials have asserted responsibility for the attack.

Egyptian security officials, speaking to the Associated Press on the condition of anonymity, said that a drone firing from the Israeli side of the border had killed five, not four, suspected militants.

The officials said the Israeli strike was coordinated with Egypt, which would mark an advance in the often-clandestine partnership between the two militaries.

An Egyptian military spokesman, Col. Ahmed Mohammed Ali, said the army was investigating two explosions in the area. He denied that there was any attack on Egyptian soil launched from Israel. “The claim that there is coordination between the Egyptian and Israeli sides concerning this subject is completely wrong,” he said.

A tribal leader in the area, Abdel Karim, said in an interview, “Don’t believe the Egyptian television. They are all liars. The planes came from across the border. They came and they fired, then they left.”

The online statement from the jihadist group, whose source could not be verified, accused the Egyptian army of working with the Israelis. “What kind of announced betrayal is bigger than this? For the Egyptian army to allow the Zionist unmanned airplanes to breach its borders repetitively.”

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