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West remains silent as Islamist militants massacre Kurds in the northern Syria

21st Century Wire says…

The recent massacre in Syria is being blanked by the western media and political talking heads, it’s not hard to guess why. 

Few can ignore the strategic and geopolitical importance of the Kurdish people and Kurdish nationalist movement – these are a people without borders whose community straddles Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. 

Western and Gulf-backed jihadist terrorist brigades are now targeting Kurds in Syria in a very violent way:

Kurds in northern Syria have a semiautonomous character based on ethnicity, but politically speaking, residents are loyal to the secular government in Damascus – and not the marauding opposition.

The Kurds could ultimately determine the how the chess boards moves in the Middle East.

Here’s the full story in Henningsen’s latest article on RT.com…


US remains ‘uninterested’ as Kurds massacred by Syria’s militant opposition

Patrick Henningsen

Reports this week of the radical Islamist opposition in Syria massacring Kurds in the northern Syria is a disturbing development, but not nearly as disturbing as the strategic silence on the issue by the US and European government-media complex.

According to reports from the village of Tal Abyad near the Turkish border on Monday, jihadist terror brigades massacred some 450 residents, including 330 women and elderly, along with 120 youths and elderly near the Turkish border. 

For nearly a year now, this Saudi and Qatari-financed armed opposition, known as Al-Nusra Front, or Jabhat Al-Nusra, has been enabled by its benefactors to run rampant in and around Syria. Because of the US and Britain’s cozy relationship with both their gulf allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar, very little, if any, condemnation has come from the political ring leaders of the Syrian reformation project based in Washington and London. The same goes for the Western media, who do not want to run any news that might further expose their political leaders’ own shaky history with Syria since the conflict began…

Read more at RT.com



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