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Obama Blows out Putin over Snowden Affair

21st Century Wire says…

It appears that someone still has his training wheels on…

There can only be one reason why US President Barack Obama has canceled his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin – he hasn’t got the backbone to defend the joys of Washington’s highly corrupt, global digital dragnet called the NSA, and who could blame him? Nope, not a moral leg to stand on, and what’s worse, the whole world sees it and Washington cannot.

Obama doesn’t exactly inspire the confidence of an experience statesmen, as he still takes his marching orders from the fascists – that pack of power-hungry liberal lawyers and gravy train-addicted contractors who rule Capitol Hill.

How could any US President defend an illegal and unconstitutional spy network that treats ordinary citizens the world over like suspected criminals? They can’t, and neither will Obama.

The junior Senator from Illinois just bottled it, again.

Putin holds all the high cards, and a pair of Aces in Snowden. Obama, having already laid his hand on Snowden, is left holding water.

Instead he will hide away, and do what he does best – talk about things that are not relevant to the issue at hand, talk about the Cold War.

America’s greatest ever talker.

IMAGE: Putin not very impressed with Obama’s delivery at the G8 in June, then again, who was?


Obama cancels Moscow meeting with Putin over Snowden


US President Barack Obama has canceled a meeting with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow which was scheduled for September. The move comes after Russia’s recent decision to grant temporary asylum to NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

The US decision is seemingly a diplomatic snub to Russia amid heightened tensions between the two countries over recent issues listed by the White House as“missile defense and arms control, trade and commercial relations, global security issues, and human rights and civil society in the last 12 months.” 

Russia’s disappointing decision to grant Edward Snowden temporary asylum was also a factor that we considered in assessing the current state of our bilateral relationship,” Washington said in a statement.

Citing lack of progress on this and other agenda items, the White House said the president deemed it more “constructive” to postpone the summit. 

Instead of visiting Putin in Moscow, Obama will add a stop in Sweden to his early September travel itinerary. 

Moreover, the US president will not be meeting alone his Russian counterpart while he stops over in St. Petersburg for the G20 summit, diplomats said.  

Russia responded by saying it is “disappointed” by the move, with Putin’s aide Yury Ushakov adding that the situation showed the US “is still not ready to build relations with Russia on an equal footing.” It is “clear” that the decision is related to Snowden, he said, reminding that the US for its part has repeatedly refused Russia’s past extradition requests. 

The cancelation comes just after President Obama expressed his “disappointment” on Snowden’s asylum – and talked of Moscow slipping into “Cold War” mode despite his calls for negotiations.

There have been times where they slip back into Cold-War thinking and a Cold-War mentality,” Obama told to Tonight Show host Jay Leno Tuesday night. “And what I consistently say to them, and what I say to President Putin, is that’s the past and we’ve got to think about the future, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to cooperate.”

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