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Florida drone crash sheds light on dangerous program

21st CenturyWire says…

A government surveillance drone goes up in smoke during a routine operation at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida

This latest incident raises new concerns over the reliability of  the unmanned ‘sky-watchers’ as they fly overhead throughout the U.S. and other vast regions of the world. According to Drone Wars UK, there have reportedly been over 170 drone related crashes or malfunctions since 2007. This of course, is in addition to the thousands that have reportedly been killed through targeted UVA strikes directed by intelligence communities.

In an article from Press TV titled, “Drones kill more civilians than terrorists: ICG reportwe have see closer look at the dangers of drone warfare from the International Crisis Group in Brussels:

The Obama administration should terminate any practice, such as the reported signature strikes, that does not comply with principles of international humanitarian and human rights law. It must also introduce transparency to the drone program, including its governing rules, how targets are selected and how civilian damage is weighed.”

The report also stated that U.S. needs to “establish clearer lines of authority and accountability, including greater congressional and judicial oversight.”

What will come of an international tribunal over drone policies?

Will intelligence controllers put a stop to the negative drone campaign, citing its necessary use for the manufactured war on terror?

Republican Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky, led the charge in condemning the drone program during his filibuster of CIA director John Brennan back in March. Paul was able to draw national and world-wide attention to the dangers of drone use.

Recently, Rand Paul requested that the FBI explain its usage of the controversial drone program, citing that there are no official guidelines:

How long has the FBI been using drones without stated privacy protections or operational guidelines?” the senator asked in a letter to FBI head Robert Mueller. “Why is the FBI only now beginning to develop guidelines for the use of drone surveillance?”

Between operational malfunctions of drones and they’re undeclared guidelines of use, we see a slippery slope for the future of the surveillance community.

Russia Today

A United States military drone presumed to be a QF-4 crashed, exploded and sent up a large black cloud of smoke Wednesday morning at Tyndall Air Force Base.

Local news outlets from the Florida panhandle region reported Wednesday morning that an unmanned aerial vehicle crashed on the drone runway at Tyndall AFB during take-off at 8:20 a.m. EST that morning.

Eyewitnesses told WJHG News that the drone “came in hard and fast” before it crashed.

According to the network, Tyndall officials said the drone was carrying a small self-destruct charge and “had to be destroyed for safety considerations during its return to base following a routine operation.”

Following the accident, the UAV reportedly went up in flames and started a ground fire, prompting authorities to close nearby Highway 98. They’ve reported no injuries.



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