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Morsi heads to the exit as Military coup underway in Egypt – says national security adviser

21st Century Wire says…

As we predicted, because we knew that the power in Egypt was always with the Supreme command of the Armed Forces (SCAF). The politicians in Egypt are simply window dressing…


A military coup is underway in Egypt, according to President Mohamed Morsi’s national security adviser. Security forces have placed a travel ban on President Morsi and a number of top Muslim Brotherhood officials, according to AFP sources.

The adviser stated that he expects army and police violence to remove pro-Mursi demonstrators from the streets of Cairo.

In a Wednesday press release, the Office of the Assistant to the President on Foreign Relations & International Cooperation stated that “no military coup can succeed against popular resistance without considerable bloodshed.” 

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has offered a consensus government as a way out of the country’s crisis, but offered no new compromises. The leader has refused to step down, and instructed the military not to “take sides.” 

The proposed coalition government would include a Prime Minister elected by political powers, according to a presidential statement. The statement added that “the scenario that some parties are trying to impose is rejected by the people.”

IMAGE: Back to square one for the people in Tahir Square.



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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue