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Cointel agent Bill Ayers: Obama should be tried for ‘war crimes’

21st Century Wire says…

Bill Ayers, the brain-child of 60’s terror group the Weather Underground, recently shot a short interview discussing the Obama Presidency. In surreal fashion, Ayers was seen smiling and generally enjoying himself, upon delivering a calculated critique of Obama and other President’s of this Century:

“Every president in this century should be put on trial,” Ayers said. “Every one of them goes into an office dripping with blood and then adds to it. And, yes, I think that these are war crimes. I think that they’re acts of terror.”

The timing of this interview seems very suspect, as those in elite circles have been clamouring for more oil and gas reserves in the Middle East, pushing Obama towards a full-scale invasion of Syria. While Obama is no stranger to illegal wars or unjust drone bombing, its bizarre that even hard left media operatives are so quick to rid themselves of the “hope & change” emperor.

Is this a part of a larger agenda, as covered by political analyst Webster Tarpley? Tarpely has suggested that Obama has been extorted for his lack of progress in Syria.

In the video below, Ayers is seen speaking with a forked tongue, accusing his disciple Obama of acts of terror, when Ayers himself was a domestic terrorist that was never tried for his crimes. In a sense, disowning his protegé’ and at the same time, normalizing the violence surrounding modern-day Presidents. Ayers, is a walking propaganda machine for intelligence agencies. 

Are intelligence operatives getting the inside talking point to dump the failing U.S. president, in favor of a new dictator? Watch the Ayers video which was originally aired at Real Clear Politics

Bill Ayers: Obama should be tried for war crimes

By Aaron Blake

Bill Ayers, whose relationship with President Obama was the subject of much intrigue during Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, now says the president should be tried for war crimes.

Ayers, the former Weather Underground member and University of Illinois at Chicago professor, told Real Clear Politics that Obama is “absolutely” engaged in terrorist activity by using drones and “absolutely” should be tried for war crimes.

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