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No Evidence: ‘Obama does a Bush’ to get No-Fly Zone and war in Syria

21st Century Wire says…

No evidence of WMDs… and still a call for war? Again?

This sounds all too familiar. The Bush Administration did the exact same thing in Iraq. There was no evidence then, other than fabricated sexed-up intelligence. The same is true today.

Obama’s famous ‘red line’ on chemical weapons was never red, it was always pink.

This website, along with many others, has already shown its readers who is staging chemical weapons events in Syria and why. The evidence is very clear to see, yet the White House spin doctor and paid foreign policy hack Ben Rhodes has drafted the shape-shifting language for the White House in order to give the appearance legality in this case.

Will Obama sell truth and justice down the river Styx again? It’s looks like that is exactly what is happening now, as the White House is desperate to meet their summer time-table to attack and over throw the government in the sovereign national of Syria.

Whether it’s running guns and weapons into Syria or US and NATO soldiers (many already positioned around Syria’s borders), or implementing a “No Fly Zone” and bombing the country back to 1960, as was the case with Libya two years ago, the trifecta of the US, Great Britain and France (with Israel and Turkey hiding in the shadows) are determined to destroy Syria and increase the overall instability in the region – in order to better control and dominate it economically. If you still think they’re doing it for humanitarian reasons, then you are either an intellectual accomplice to political fraud, or you’ve simply bought into the lies… again.

Barack Obama’s war hawk line is much worse than even George Bush Jr’s fraudulent line was back in 2003, because in 2013, even the UN has already given its assessment that it was in fact those US and Saudi/Qatari-backed terrorist ‘rebels’ fighters – many professional foreign fighters working in Syria under the al Qaeda banner – who have been caught red-handed using a type of chemical weapon on the Syrian people – and not Bashar al Assad’s government forces.

So where do the lies end and the truth begin with this administration in Washington? It’s so hard to tell right now, as telling the truth has become a taboo practice these days in Washington.  

This is exactly what happens when you give corrupt lawyers the keys to the castle. So, so many scandals with this White House, but every single one they claim is “legal”.

It’s clearer than ever now that the corruption in Washington is as foul as ever, and US President Barack Obama feels he has to empower his own Karl Rove-like surrogate to sell the same deception upon the people of America and the world, in order position themselves better for a confrontation with Iran in 2016. 

Another pathetic President being used as a minion and tool of the global energy and defense industries and a pawn of the Israeli lobby running Washington’s foreign policy – and another sad day in the 21st century history of the United States of America.

If there are any Democrats with brains and integrity, and any GOP supporters who are able to see through career criminals shilling for war at every turn, criminal like Hillary Clinton and Obama ‘family friend’ like John McCain – now is your defining moment. Now is the time to burn your party colours and make your voice known to others.

The Syrian war is a fraud perpetrated by politicians criminal opportunists in the west.

We call it like we see it.



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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue