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More Bilderberg Photos: Queen Beatrix Leads the Way…

BREAKING: Bilderberg 2013: Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger in attendance

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21st Century Wire says…

Thursday was the opening gambit for Bilderberg 2013, with a number of high-profile globalist members filtering in throughout the morning and afternoon…

UK independent media media team Liberty Tactics continues to do most of the heavy lifting for this year’s real Bilderberg coverage. Their crack team has caught everything which was visible from their camp near the entrance to the Grove Hotel in Watford.

We can reveal the first glimpses of VIPs, including Bilderberg’s matriarch Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands…

PHOTO: Is this Hillary Clinton spotted making her way into Bilderberg on Thursday morning?

PHOTO: A rare glimpse of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, the matron of Bilderberg.

PHOTO: ID call. Is this Peter Thiel?

PHOTO 4: This Bilderberger covers his identity with Thursday’s Daily Mail newspaper.

PHOTO 5: Top Bilderberg committee head… ID call?

PHOTO 6: Behind tinted glass and sunglasses. ID call?

PHOTO 7: Watching us watching him. ID call?

PHOTO 8: Even Bilderbergers covet status, as guest rolls up in his new Ferrari coop. ID call?

PHOTO 9: Bilderberg member. ID call?

PHOTO 10: Senior Bilderberg member… ID call?

PHOTO 11: A non-tinted window executive… ID call?

PHOTO 12: Another senior Bilderberg member… ID call?

PHOTO 12: This commitee member arriving in plain site… ID call?

See updates to this post at 21st Century Wire.

Follow Liberty Tactics live reporting around the clock from this week’s Bilderberg 2013 online at the Guerilla Media Network, and also follow Liberty Tactics on Twitter here.

Help us ID these Bilderbergers in the comment section below….

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