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BREAKING: Israeli fighter jets conduct ‘dummy runs’ over Lebanese airspace

21st Century Wire says…

Israel has stepped up its show of force over Lebanese airspace, most likely in an effort to further isolate Lebanon’s Hezbollah organisation who have recently become the target of a multinational and international campaign of condemnation for lending their assistance to the Syrian government in fighting off an onslaught of imported foreign insurgent fighters who currently working to destabilise Syria – all while the Western powers hammer out a plan to arm the opposition with weapons and perhaps NATO troops and air support in the near future.

Israel’s latest move signals their synchronisation with Western talking points and geopolitical maneuvers in the near region. These latest disturbing developments may also be designed to apply additional pressure on Russia who is currently supporting Syria and its leadership’s efforts to defend its national sovereignty from foreign intervention.

From the RT wire today…

Fighter jets of the Israeli Air Force have entered Lebanon’s airspace and buzzed the skies above some cities, including the capital, Beirut. The jets several times broke the sound barrier and imitated attacks on Hezbollah bases in the south of Lebanon, in the Bekaa Valley and western slopes of the Lebanese Mountains.

The incident followed combative rhetoric of Hezbollah leaders, which admitted that organization’s fighters are assisting Syrian government to oust Islamists militants from the country. Lebanon’s President Michel Suleiman has ordered country’s Foreign Minister Adnan Mansur to lodge a complaint with the UN over the incident.



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