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The “Empowered” W**** Archetype Destroying the Feminine

21st Century Wire says…

For far too long western society has been in denial that fashion, media and marketing departments – many of them run by women – have done more damage by objectifying and molding the archetype of female youths than anyone else in modern history…

By Thomas Sheridan

Mass media is too powerful/invasive and has led to the destruction of the feminine aspect of Western culture – which once represented wisdom and nurturing, and replaced it with “empowering” whore archetypes such as the airbrushed, nymphomaniac dregs on shows like Sex and the City.

This has derailed Western society away from notions of feminine wisdom towards a completely superficial narcissistic bling-culture-on-herpes-medication in heavy Max Factor packaging. Because this is how the present psychopathic mainstream considers women to be.

PHOTO: Advertising and fashion industries pushing women towards the image of strippers and prostitutes.

Society should be female – currently, society is a psychopathic male in terms of what it delivers to all of us.

This damages both men and women – as most men today expect a woman to be a tart, and many women seek and marry plastic surgeons in the hope of not being discarded. So Western society has become increasingly misogynistic even with the success of women’s lib and so on.

PHOTO: Smart, graceful and dignified was the female archetype of old.

A man can not marry a woman who is intelligent, loving and secure unless she is also “hot” – likewise, women are coached to look for men who will finance their media driven delusions of what being beautiful is. The rest of us are discarded for not being superficial enough. Psychopaths control the mass media and this insanity has distorted a lot of the population to emulate this pathology as the new norm.

The male psychopaths in charge are Gaslighting women through the media – while turning men into adult children. The spiritual vacuum (and I am not talking religion here at all) left in many people is filled with a distorted sense of self.

If your soul has been made empty, you will seek to fill it with nothing of any value regardless of the price tag, or what pointless social status it furnishes you with…

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue
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