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Venezuelan Lawmakers ‘Duke It Out’ for Democracy

21st Century Wire says… Rather than the US media’s reporting this event as some sort of scandal, this should be viewed as a sign of a healthy democracy in Venezuela, real men duking it out on TV, rather than white collar criminals smiling and reading off a teleprompter as they steal right from under your nose…

Bloody brawl between lawmakers breaks out in Venezuela’s parliament amid election conflict, 22 injured

CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan lawmakers punched, kicked and shoved one another as a postelection conflict between President Hugo Chavez’s heirs and rivals blew up into a brawl on the floor of congress.

AFP PHOTO/Leo RAMIREZLEO RAMIREZ/AFP/Getty ImagesTuesday night’s clash erupted when members of the opposition coalition unfurled a banner in the National Assembly denouncing a ruling that strips them of most legislative powers unless they recognize the April 14 election victory of President Nicolas Maduro.

Assembly member Julio Borges appeared on an independent television station soon after Tuesday night’s brawl with blood running down one side of his swollen face. The opposition said at least 17 of its allies and five pro-government deputies were injured.

Opposition lawmaker Ismael Garcia said government loyalists threw the first punches. Pro-government legislators appeared on state TV accusing opposition members of attacking them. Video showed groups of legislators shoving and pushing each other on the floor.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue