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Syrian envoy: We will no longer accept attacks from Lebanon

The Daily Star

BEIRUT: Syria  will no longer accept attacks on its  territory from across the border with Lebanon, Syria’s Ambassador Ali  Abdel-Karim Ali said in remarks published Saturday and Prime Minister Najib Mikati  reiterated his call for Lebanon  to uphold its dissociation policy.

“What is required of the Lebanese government is that it carry out its duty on  the border with Syria,” Ali told As-Safir newspaper.

“We have no interest whatsoever in creating tensions with Lebanon but at the  same time we can never compromise on Syria’s security and sovereignty. We are  being attacked and we are no longer willing to accept that – ever,” he said.

Damascus, in a letter sent to the Foreign Ministry  Thursday, warned Beirut it would  attack Syrian rebels in Lebanon, reiterating its claims that arms and gunmen  were being smuggled from the poorly delineated border.

The letter said Syrian forces were still exercising self-restraint by not  striking “concentrations of armed gangs inside Lebanese territory in order to  prevent them from crossing into Syrian territory.”

“But this will not last indefinitely,” the letter warned.

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