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Syrian Rebels are Simply Murdering Thugs Used for US and West to Oust Assad

JLJason Liosatos
21st Century Wire

US and Western Governments are stepping up the arming and funding of Syrian rebels, and Al Qaeda, to do the dirty job of ousting President Assad for them.

This is still an act of murder by aiding and abetting, by getting someone else to do it for you, and it is cheaper, less messy and easier than doing it themselves, with no casualties in the US and Western military, no public outcry, and not a splash of blood on their hands.

A similar tactic was used in ousting Gaddafi in Libya, but they have now realized that it is much better to just stand back and pay others to do the fighting and killing for them, then when Assad has been toppled like Gaddafi they simply step in as the liberators and bringers of the pseudo democracy, and help themselves to the treasure of oil, strategic positioning, and the final step closer to the big, long-awaited goal of toppling Iran.

President Assad of course is no angel, it is true, but if we look at the figures of his war crimes against humanity, they pale in comparison to a Bush or a Blair, and currently a combo of Cameron, Hollande and Obama (catching up quickly), who are racking up the deaths and destruction at quite a pace in Mali, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

If any member of the public gave someone else a gun and pointed that person and that gun towards a victim who they then killed, the giver of that gun would immediately be sentenced to murder for aiding and abetting. Even worse is the fact that the Syrian rebels are often simply gangs of angry youths hell-bent on enjoying the sudden gift of power and control that a machine gun or rocket launcher can bring. The Saudis are also doing their part in arming the angry gangs, and we are seeing the usual horrendous ethical compromises taking place, with civilian casualties growing every day.

For a moment let us imagine what would happen if the disillusioned American people rose up against Obama, as have the Syrians against Assad, and also demanded Obama leave, as did the Egyptians and the Libyans, do we really think Obama would pack his bags and give the people the keys to the White House? And if the American people rose up and ‘rebelled’ and went to the streets like the Syrian rebels Obama would also order the police and troops to use force to quell the uprisings, and if they persisted Obama like Assad would also order the police and troops to shoot people if necessary. It is easy to forget that The US and Western governments would be as equally brutal against its population in an uprising, this is a big shock for people to imagine but it is true.

Now imagine in that same scenario, Syria or another country funding and arming the American people to help get Obama out, to achieve their interests in the region, the very possibility sounds absurd, which shockingly proves to us as Western and US citizens how superior we believe we are, and that we would never imagine our governments turning on us to crush us if we were to dare to seriously confront them and demand their exit from our lives. One of the biggest shocks for Americans is this truth, that their government, and UK, French and most others worldwide would ultimately kill its uprising population, like Assad, if that population seriously challenged them. Just a cursory glance back at the occupy movement gives us a taste of this, and if one gun had gone off from the public, then we would have seen the above scenario begin.

The defining moment would come as to whether the police or military would kill its own people. I am not advocating this horrible scenario, or saying it may ever happen, but I am simply placing the shoe on the other foot for us to see the situation from another perspective, and that perspective glaringly shows us that the white man still cannot see past his own superiority, like camels that can only see other camels humps and not their own.

So how dare the US and Western warmongering governments interfere in other people’s business, fueled by their insatiable lust for power and complete control of strategic land and resources at any cost, be it human suffering and countless loss of life, the destruction of civilizations and their rich history, or the wanton destruction of the planet and the future for even their own children.

When will we wake up?

Author Jason Liosatos is a artist, writer and peace advocate based in the UK, and host of Global Peace Radio Show.



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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue