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Top 10 Trends in Smart TV Technology That Took Shape against Slow Uptake


Donna Baxter
21st Century Wire

The television technology has taken rapid strides over the past few years. Though it seems like yesterday when the first internet enabled TV was launched, the pace at which new TVs are being released is staggering.

Hardly a week goes by without some new form of TV technology emerging. While this has increased the number of options for the average consumer, it also makes taking a decision that much difficult. People now have to think harder when they venture out to buy a new TV for their home.

The progress has been helped to a great extent by the great cable and satellite packages which have become available. Dish Network is able to offer a large Spanish channel listing through their Dish Latino Max package. Despite all the smart TV technology and cable packages, the uptake for the new smart TVs has been surprisingly slow. Makers of the smart TVs have had to react to the situation. Here are the top 10 trends which have emerged in smart TV technology against the slow uptake.

1.   Bigger Screens

The bigger the screen, the better the viewing experience is for the owner. The TV makers are focusing on increasing the size of the screens up for sale. This is why you have the launch of the world’s first 7-foot TV!

2.   Greater Compatibility

To make the TV an interactive device, the makers have made them more compatible enabling you to use your smart TV with a wide range of gadgets and devices. Whether it is a bluray player or gaming console, the smart TV would work with it.

3.   Competitive Pricing

The prices of the smart TVs have also come down considerably as the makers look to attract more people. This has led to greater research in terms of the technology being used to make it cost-effective so the TVs remain profitable to make.

4.   Increased Functions

The smart TVs available in the market come with a wide variety of functions. They don’t just serve as a screen on which you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies and play games. The new TVs are virtually a computer on which you can use the internet or make video calls.

5.   Adding Wi-Fi

To make it easier for people to use internet on their smart TVs, the design is made compatible with Wi-Fi as well. This way, the buyers can use their home internet network to get connectivity on their new smart TV instead of having to get a separate connection.

6.   Cross-Gadget Access

One of the upcoming trends is to offer you control over your TV through the other gadgets you own. For instance, you can now use your smartphone or tablet to flip the channels or select any of the features of your smart TV. You don’t necessarily have to use the remote control which comes with the TV.

7.   Slimmer Sets

The modern smart TV sets are so slim it’s virtually unbelievable. They take up lesser space in your living room and their light weight enables you to have them mounted up on the wall without any safety hazards.

8.   Wider Content

To make the smart TV an appealing option for buyers, the range of content being made available has also been expanded. You can watch nearly all the channels, cable or satellite based, on your new smart TV. Dish Network is able to offer a large Spanish channel listing through their Dish Latino Max package.

9.   More Apps

This is one trend which is going ahead full steam. The number of apps available for you to download and access through your smart TV is ever increasing. It greatly enhances the viewing experience and allows you to use the internet on the TV in a better way.

10.  Clearer Display

The exterior of the smart TV is similar of most brands. It is the picture quality where the real competition is. As a consumer, you get to view the clearest display ever. It reduces the strain on your eyesight and eliminates the need to sit close to your smart TV.


These are the top 10 trends in smart TV technology that have taken shape against the slow uptake. If these trends continue, the makers of smart TVs would be able to attract more consumers in the future as well.

Donna Baxter is a technological and television freak. She passes most of her time in reading, writing and watching TV. Donna is also a big fan of the latest electronic gadgets.

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