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North Korean nuke and Mutually Assured Destruction

21st Century Wire

 quite symbolic: the ancient creaky Pope resigns and North Korea’s creaky regime explodes a 1945-style A-bomb (in fact it was probably A Q Khan “Bombs R Us” 1980s style, technology wise).
Like you know and I know and people should know, even if they dont want to know, the world’s approximate 440 large sized civil nuclear power plants each contain a radiological inventory of up to, or more than (sometimes much more – depends on how long they have been running) 100 times the radiation release of the Hiroshima bomb.
The Hiroshima bomb supposedly had an explosive equivalent about 14 kilotons TNT, but well over one-third of deaths caused were by radiation poisoning not fire or blast. You wont find any consensus figure on the split of blast-versus-radiation deaths.
There is NO shortage of “nuclear equivalent targets”. No shortage. We dont need explosive-type nuclear weapons; we have them in the shape of civil nuclear reactors, nuclear waste dumps, fuel fabrication plants – etc.
Supposedly we “have to wait” for these targets being used, before we are “stupefied” by what that means, man.

Andrew McKillop is a former expert in policy and programming with the European Commission in Brussels. He writes and consults about the impact of oil prices on the economy and currently advises the ECOHABITAT sustainable housing and property development project near the French, Belgium and Luxemburg borders.



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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue